Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Farm Girls Go ToThe River To Get "Stoned"

Farm girls got together the 17th of April to get "stoned" and NO not that kind of "stoned" I just had to say it that way just for fun! Katy hosted our gathering, a walk through the woods with Katy in the lead hauling all our supplies down to the river. The weather was unpredictable this day, so to have a shelter close to the water was perfect. We all love to be out in the outdoors, so what better setting could we have had?
These farm girls were diligently mixing the sand and water, trying to get the right consistency, which proved to be a trick, thanks for Roger's advise we did wear gloves, Thanks Roger, our hands were saved.
Farm girl Katy mapping out her letters while Robin watches.
Our creating space was perfect for mixing the sand to make these creative bricks. Katy, Florence and Erin in the back ground.
This photo and the next two are some of our finished products we made. I brought some colored pigment to do a different color of cement, but we decided it was enough just to master this much, let alone add another element.

Before we went down to the river, we had a some nourishment's for our bodies, shared our journal pages and apron stories. "Organic Gardening" we all want to learn as much as possible to make our gardens healthy for our families. Katy shared this magazine with us. I have learned, we all seem to bring information to share as well as treasures we have found or made. A tussie mussie hankie holder was made by Robin complete with flowers, I said "this reminds me of May Day." With beautiful soaps, fun scrub brushes, vintage plastic bowl covers and an ocean breeze candle reminiscent of the ocean, these farm girls went home with lots of treasures.
Katy suggested that we bring savories to take home, rather than have so much food at our meal, so as you can see, we had a great variety from a special wine, wild strawberry jam, tomatillo soup,canned salmon, Barefoot's potato salad, peach crisp, beautiful cupcakes and fresh strawberries. Our lunch was a chicken salad, with speciality waters to try. Thanks Katy for your nourishing meal.
Farm girls, Erin, Katy, Robin and myself. We were fortunate to have Katy's husband Eric come home in time for us to get a group shot. We don't always get that opportunity so we have to seize the moment.
"Sow Seeds of Possibility" This was a gift from Katy, I love the saying, it just reminds me of the possibilities these farm girls have to learn and grow from. The passion tea my most favorite. Again thank you Katy for hosting our gathering.
This weekend May 1st is the Vintage Secrets Sale at 17901 NE 72nd Ave, Battle Ground, Washington. Hours are 9:00 am to 4:00pm. There is something for every one's collectible wants. Also coming is the Opening Barn House Sale on May 8th, don't miss out, lots of vendors are joining this great sale in the country.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beach Retreat on The Oregon Coast

A trip to the beach was what all these sister hood girls needed. Robin and I went down early, with Nancy and Lola to follow. Our dear friend Judy stayed home to take care of her ill husband, something I know each one of us would do without hesitation. The weather proved to be beautiful. A little shopping, a stroll on the beach, a movie at the beach house, was all that was needed for this group of women. We are all so grateful to Robin for opening her family beach house for us to enjoy. Robin and I were on an adventure on our route to the Oregon Coast.
Our first stop on our route was at a shop called Sleighbells, I have always wanted to stop there, but usually we are on a mission to just get to the beach, I was really surprised at how awesome it was, it is a Christmas tree farm with this great shop. My understanding it is really busy during the Christmas season, I could see why.
This Christmas shop had more Christmas decorations than I have ever seen before. I just kept saying, "wow" it just keeps going and going.
A area that was all Americana, right up my alley, since I tend to like anything with flags on it.
There was a tea shop inside the shop, a great place to go for tea some day.
We stopped at a couple of quilt shops along the way, this is a view from the inside of the quilt shop you see in the next photo. Our beautiful Willamette Valley in Oregon in the back ground.
On our route to the beach, Robin and I stopped at this Quilt shop the "The Quilted Hill" we both went home with some great treasures from here.
This sign says it all "Welcome to the Beach House" The Miles family has lovingly opened their home to our sister hood group.
This beach home was like looking through Coastal Living or a Country Living magazine, Robin and Art did a great job putting it all together.
This kitchen was very spacious for entertaining, lots of light shining in.
This was my room, I told Robin that I felt like a princess in here, it was so beautiful. Thank you for letting me stay in this room, it was perfect.
Come and sit away and enjoy the ambiance of this room.
This is where all the grandchildren get to sleep when they come down to the beach to play.
The master bedroom was beautiful fit for a queen, Robin has a great view of the ocean from her room.
Robin on the left was our host for the weekend, she is here with Nancy from our sister hood group.
These little bunny boxes came home with each of us, along with some other wonderful Easter goodies, thank you everyone.
What a great weekend for a beach getaway with special friends.
My quilt got its finishing touches while I was at the beach, now it is ready to provide some warmth. Yeah!
This sister hood knows how to share the happiness. Thanks Robin for having us to your lovely beach home.
I love this photo and this verse "You are the light of the world. Let your light shine out for all to see." We can all be his light shining through us through our actions and good deeds.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

New sightings at The Queen of Tarte

Easter was in the air along with spring as you can see in this photo. The person who made these delightful treasures here and the next two photos is Kelly, she is not a blogger yet, but brought some great talent to the show. I arrived an hour after the show opened and missed out on a lot of great things, a good lesson learned, Creating a different look to the Queen of Tarte Barn is some times breath taking, you tend to walk around and around in ah!
This bunny came home with me, inside the pearls is some bling.
My weakness for egg nests and feathers, except this time these eggs are glittered.
Easter party favors to take home, what a great idea.
This piece of architecture is awesome, I wish I had a place for it, Cindy has a way of bringing in such great pieces to decorate with.
The letter "M" I am all about that letter since my last name is MUMA, love that metal chair too, I could have a whole collection of them.
This apron was adorable, just the right amount of accents.
Laundry any one? Love those linen towels in the back ground, don't you?
This wine rack was awesome, if I had a place for it I would have been interested in it. The daffodils add the finishing touch of spring.
This setting was very inviting, I just missed the chandeliers that were hung above them, it made you want to sit awhile and enjoy the ambiance.
My friend Natalie and myself, she makes the best cakes that have blessed us all many times, she is also been dubbed the Queen of The Primitives. She is a very special person that I have gotten to know this last year. Thank you for your friendship. You can find some of her special treats this month at the Queen of Tarte Sale on Saturday April 24th, don't miss out.