Saturday, March 19, 2011

Montana In The Winter

I headed to the Montana mountains for my lone visit to Heather's. I went February 17th through the 22nd, flying this time, much faster! This is our one on one time, with out PaPa, (whom I must say felt slighted) I held strong and said it was my time. We had lots of plans, some crafting as you will see, a little shopping, a little chai at a Montana Coffee shop and just time hanging out.
Snow was still hanging out here. It did not keep us from going out and walking, the first night it was a bit treacherous in the dark and not knowing where the ice was, thus a slower walk for me. I would make up for it on Sunday walking in the day light doing a 15 min. mile at 3000ft elevation and 18 degrees, not bad for this 60 year old grandma, I would say.
One of my projects that I had brought along was to start another quilt, I had finished the hand sewing of the binding on my log cabin quilt, so I was off to a new one. I had purchased a layer cake which was 42 ten inch squares, my project called for 35, that said and with questions from Heather, I knew it was time for her to tackle her first quilt, making this a very proud momma.
Ok I can do this, part of good quilting is accurate cutting.
Heather begins her process of putting her squares together to look perfect for her quilt.
You can see by her expression, she is a little nervous, but she did an awesome job.
One row done, excellent seams, Perfecto!!!! Accurate---Wow!
Lots more confidence at the machine, she has it down good.
With a perfect patchwork square, I said, "now Heather this will be perfect for a baby quilt for Talea's dollies, she said "heck no I am keeping this!" I think she was proud of her accomplishment, I know I was for her.
Ok we are now on a mission, to find at least one fabric for a border and a backing, so thank goodness Kalispell has some Quilt Shops. I loved watching Heather choose her fabrics.
This quilt was made by sandwiching the fabrics together then pulled through and tied.
Heather's quilt finished. Yahoo! Way to go Heather!
I had made an apron for Talea, these pictures are priceless, as you look at the progression of the gift to her I had. Heather did a great job capturing each phase. Thank you Heather! Look closely at Talea's reactions.

Talea in her new apron with grandma! Does my HEART good.
I love this photo, Talea immediately said "mommy we make cookies?" A great photo of Heather too.
Is this just too precious, Talea licking the rest of the peanut butter out of the measuring cup?
Once Titus found out that I had made Talea an apron, well this grandma had to get to work making him one too!
Enough said I think they were happy with their aprons, don't you?
On Saturday morning we were off to Titus's basket ball game, if I knew how to up load a video I would I have a great one of him playing and making a basket, with grandma's loud shrill in the back ground, alright Titus.
One of our missions this visit was to try our skills at making peppermint patties, we followed Giada's recipe on the food network channel. So very easy and fun tooooo!
The peppermint pattie is formed similar to pie dough as you can see.
The dough is rolled into a log, preparing for the next step.
Heather forming the pattie into round balls then flattening them out to dry on the parchment.
The round patties air drying. Then they are dipped in dark chocolate.
Yummy, moderation is the word here. A special treat for me!!!! The BEST!
Lots of cuddle time and reading are done on this visit, here I am reading my quilt book to Talea, the second time around I sing it to her, then I say to her to sing it to grandma, so she sings "lalalala". I learn later from one of my clients that singing a song registers in a different part of the brain and stores that information there, who knows maybe she will be my third generation quilter?
Memories are continued to be made of my visits to Montanta in the Winter!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Farm Girls Celebrate

Farm Girls gathered to celebrate our two year anniversary and Valentines Day at my home on February 12, we had decided to make Valentines cards and tags, with Katy and Robin teaches us what we were about to do. These glittered heart shaped came from K. Marie, one of my favorite paper artist, she also has a sister whom has a candy shop in Milwaukie, Oregon called Enchante, a wonderful place to visit and be treated.

I love bringing out these hearts for the Valentine season.
Plenty of red accented my house for this holiday celebration, I have so much fun changing the colors in my home, to fit the season, some times just adding an accent color.
As you can see I always have a great array of Aprons to choose from.
A great resource for inspiration "Romantic Homes."
Robin, myself and Katy, we got Roger to take a photo before he went off to get chicken poop for the garden, he would later say we girls could earn our badges if we shoveled the chicken poop on the garden, hee, hee!
I had to share my quilt that was almost done except for the binding, that would be completed when I would go to Montana for my winter visit.
Everything was ready for the girls to choose and work with to make their special Valentines. I told them I think half the fun for me is gathering the supplies for them to work with.
A perfect collection of ribbons to play with.
Lots to choose from with a few treats to nibble on.
Robin and Katy concentrating on their Valentine projects.
Lots to choose from, foil hearts, edge stampers for our little note cards.
The table was set with a Valentine theme for our luncheon.
This place setting was set for our Farm Girl Erin who was unable to attend as she has been out of town with her husband on a job, she has been dearly missed.
Toasting to our second year as a group of Farm Girl Women. The glasses I used were very special as they were purchase from Willows Nest when they were down in Buxton, Oregon, on the bottom of the glass is edge made in France.
Our lunch included tuna noodle casserole provided by Katy, a crasin medley salad from Robin and Parmesan crisp mini breads from Trader Joe's, finishing with a flavored Ice drink, what color, none other than red of course.
Our desert was a peppermint pattie cup cake sitting on top of an individual cup cake stand from FarmHouse Wares.
These sweet meringues were a nice light treat for us Farm Girls. This scalloped heart shaped dish came from my mother-in-law who has since past on, it is always brought out for this holiday with a smile and remembrance of what she meant to me. Love you mom Muma!
We had chosen to do a Valentine exchange, Robin made us spiced pumpkin granola, what a great treat, tasty yum.
Katy made us home made marshmallows, following two separate recipe, what a special treat.
A collection of Valentine Gifts from my Farm Girl Friends.
Our finished Valentine ready for giving. Hope your day was all that you wanted it to be.