Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Wishes to All my Friends and Family

Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends, enjoy your day and remember what you are most thankful for. Through this blog world I am so thankful for all the friends I have gotten to know and share so many aspects of my life. I have a feeling this turkey is a happy turkey, as I heard he was probably having a pardon from BH Joe. He is a beauty!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Farm Girls Summer Adventures

Farm Girls adventures to a Farmers Market was on our summer adventure list. This day we would go to The Beaverton Farmers Market, what fun! Of course we could only dream our vegetable gardens could be so bountiful, perhaps someday. We had a full day ahead of us, after the farmers market, we were off to Heirloom Roses and Fergusons Fragrant Gardens in St Paul, Oregon. We certainly love our exploring, I love sharing places with these girls to places, perhaps they have not been to. Do you like to go on adventures to explore the unknown? Farm Girl Katy with her Chard and Kale.
Farm Girls Erin and Robin checking out the bountiful selections of produce. Wow!
Robin finding some beets, um? I wonder what she will do with these?
Although a dark shadow photo, I still decided to post it, I am pretty smitten with this chard and Kale!
After checking out all that food, it was time to feed our bodies, picnic style. Katy would prove to have made the best choice in food here. HeHe! ( Inside joke)
Our next stop would be Heirloom Roses in St Paul, Oregon, Katy and Robin had never been there before. Heirloom Roses has some of the sturdiness stock of roses you could ever imagine.
Farm Girl Robin, making her list of her favorite roses.
Farm Girl Erin checking out all these beautiful starts of roses.
The very essence of the roses here at Heirloom Roses is incredible. Robin, Katy and myself.
Our next stop was Ferguson Fragrant Gardens in St Paul, Oregon, here Katy is checking out all these beautiful roses.
I am pretty excited about my new Eden rose. I am dreaming about a lot of bouquets to come!
My car was loaded with all our vegetables in the cooler and of course our roses. Homeward bound we go!
Once back at my home we had some Lavender Lemonade with ginger cookies. I made these Farm Girl wine glasses, using a candlestick holder from the dollar store, gluing it with epoxy 6000 to a pint canning jar. Um? Farm Girl or Redneck? I would like to think Farm Girl!
A toast to our gathering. Erin, Katy and Robin.
Part of our fun with getting together is to share recipes, Katy made us some homemade granola, yummy!
Robin decorated these little cans and filled them with nourishment for our body.
Handmade treasures from Erin.
My fellow Farm Girls went to check out the progress of my garden. It is so reassuring to compare stories on the status of what our gardens are doing. At this point I was hopeful.
The end of our day was an adventure through the woods of a newly made trail made by Roger and my grandson Chants. Thanks Roger and Chants!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

More from The Barn House Vintage Market II

I had so many favorites from the Barn House Vintage Market, that I just had to add these to my posts. They are random, I want to thank all the vendors who allowed me to take these photos, feeding my creative spirit. I hope you will enjoy this journey I was able to experience.

My two younger daughters Heather and Jennifer posing for me.

This group Celilo and Friends added to the ambiance of this event in the country. You will want to save the date for next year July 28, 2012.