Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where is our Spring?

Where is our Spring? Even though the snow is beautiful, I am so ready for spring planting, watching new growth starts begin to show their happy heads. I made the best of this snow fall by going out and enjoying it's beauty. I will share some of the beauty mother nature has to offer us up in our hills of Hockinson, Washington.

Yes my car was buried by this snow fall.

My magic fairy ball is hidden among the snow. Can you see it? (Hint- it is pink)

One thing about the snow, the tracks of our little visitor are evident.
At first I thought this might be a Bear track, but after talking with Roger, he seems to think it might be the Big Buck Deer that has come around before.
The sun tried to come out a bit today, melting a lot of our snow. I am so ready for this winter to be gone. How about you?

Monday, March 19, 2012

A Hearty Vegetable Soup

A Hearty Vegetable soup is order during our cold winter months. In this bowl only the potatoes are from our garden. I yearn for Spring so we can start a vegetable planting. How about you?
What do you add to your home made hearty soups. I would love to know.
I went out to our garden and under our blanket of snow was Kale to my surprise, along with Chard. Yeah!
My fresh kale and chard unburied from my garden. I think I could have gotten some carrots too. It was mighty cold out there, I was ready to get back in and start my soup.
I am thinking that this could almost be good enough to eat just like this. What do you think?
I am now ready to add this to my stock pan, using some organic chicken broth to add as liquid.
This soup is looking mighty hardy. Sometimes I will add some meat to it, to give it some protein. I like making large batches so I can freeze some to put in the freezer. Do you stock up for those days that you just want to pull something out of the freezer that is quick and easy?
Next in line to prepare; are Mary Jane's whole wheat biscuits from The Mary Jane Farm Budget Mix. Go to Mary Jane's Farm to get more information on ordering your own. You won't be disappointed.

A biscuit must be heart shaped, I am thinking. Do you have any ritual about your shapes for biscuits?
A perfect compliment to our nourishing hearty vegetable soup don't you think? I hope you are all cozy and warm. I am so ready for spring!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Welcome To Our Winter Wonderland !

Welcome to my Winter Wonderland. This winter we have had a couple of really good snows. I thought I would just share some of our beauty on our farm.
The snow provides a warmth to those plants that winter over year to year. We actually harvested some Kale, Chard and Carrots out of here, after moving some snow that covered their cozy existence. A winter surprise for our tummies.
Even though we don't have any animals on our farm, well we do have a cat and some day I will have chickens again, for now I will just pretend.
I have this little setting outside of my studio cabin. It is complete with a bed, table and chairs, complete with a claw foot tub. Anyone game?
Any one up for tea, I can brew up a nice pot of tea for you?
Any one for a pillow top mattress made of snow?

This view is looking down at my little cabin studio.
The garden certainly has it's winter bed covering on now.
It amazes me how the snow just rest on these tiny fence wires.
A little Red, White, and Blue are always in order on our farm.
These clothesline wires are going to need to be stretched before spring use as the snow has weighted them down.
Anyone ready for a cushy sit?

We have many a evening fire here in this setting.
This is one of our many snags that are from the Yacolt burn many years ago.
I love my Japanese bell. A ring on this bell brings a feeling of tranquility. Do you have chimes or bells in your yard?
Well there you have our winter wonderland. I hope you all got to have some winter wonderland experiences this winter. I am not ready for spring. How about you?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Enchante' A Magical Chocolate Candy Shop!

My visit to Milwaukie is not without a stop at Enchante' . We are lucky to see two shops with so much magic to entice our senses, both visually and tastefully. Whats a girl to do? Indulge? Well yes of course. Enchante' is at 10883 SE Main Street, in downtown Milwaukie, Oregon. Hours are Tuesday - Friday 11:00 to 5:00 and Saturdays 11:00 to 4:00. Call 503-654-4846 for more information. In the meantime enjoy my journey to Enchante'.
The Store front of Enchante' as I took this photo, later looking at it I realized that I had captured Kim the proprietor of the chocolate shop. Perhaps she was taking a treat down to Kelli her sister whom has a shop K.Marie just a few doors down. My last post shows some sneak peaks from Kelli's shop.
This was probably one of my most favorite crystal chandeliers. Wow is all I can say!
Now look at that chocolate bunny and all those jars lined up with special candies.

Gifts of silver, white and cream. Clean and crisp!
Some very happy shoppers.
Special attention to the detail of packaging of these sweet morsels, just waiting for that perfect person looking for a special treat.
Easter bunnies galore. How does one choose?
There are an assortment of many gift items to purchase, all with that Parisian flair.
Gourmet popcorn is also available to purchase. How good is that? Take care of your sweet and salt cravings all in one stop.
There were all sorts of vintage candy from days of our youth. What memories some of these brought back. Do you have a favorite from your past as a child?
Check out all these spring Easter ideas. Who can resist?
Ahh turquoise lollipops. Don't you just love the color?
Oh how I like these glittery eggs, how about you?
Another great chandelier!
Did I tell you that Kim has some really great chocolates. You must go and see for yourself.
In the mean time check out the current issue of Where Women Cook to learn more about Kim's Enchante' world. Now don't for get to go check out her little shop and remember just a few doors down is Kim's sister Kelli's shop K.Marie. How fun is that to visit two quaint shops on the same block.