Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Montana in The Fall

Our fall adventure to Montana was to adventure in to the wilderness, to hike in the Glacier Park area with Heather and her family. The weather was perfect for hiking, the scene was beautiful as you can see.
Roger and I in this beautiful country side of the Montana mountains.
I think Talea had the best seat on this hike, don't you?
As we start our hike, I am poised and ready with a walking stick with bells on it to ward off the BEARS, um would that really work? We have been told to make lots of noise when walking on the trails so you don't scare a bear. I think I would be so scared I would freeze in my steps.
Papa Roger and Titus working their way up the steep incline, you notice they both have walking sticks.
Titus learned you could holler and receive an echo from the mountain ridges, oh how much fun we all had listening to our voices echo back.
Heather and Talea, she is such a "ham"!
Great photo opportunity presented it self to us, as there was a couple picnicking down the way whom offered to get a group shot of us all.
Farmer's Markets are always a great adventure for me, perhaps it brings out the farm girl in me.
Whitefish Farmers Market is a must, the setting is a great back ground, with"Big Mountain" in the back ground along with the Burlington Northern Train station.
It has become a tradition with Heather and I to do some canning in the fall. I love how my girls love to carry on this tradition.
Roger and Jason could not wait to get their hands on these fresh sliced peaches. You can see by the look on their faces that they were pretty satiated. Huh?
Heather was pretty proud of her stocking up of home canned peaches for the winter.
A bonus surprise for me, was a call from a client wanting some Trauma Balm, that I make for sore muscles, she shared that she was headed to Whitefish, Montana to run in a half marathon, luck would have it, it was going to be the same time we were going to be in the area. So Two-Bear Marathon here we come.
I did not know that Lila was going to push her mom across the finishing line. You can see by the smile on her mom's face how proud she was. With much sadness and gratefulness, as I write this Lila's mom has since past away. Lila sharing with me that I was the only one that captured her pushing her mom across that finishing line, that she was so grateful to me for taking that photo. Lila thank you for sharing your mom with me.
Lila and I sharing the end to her half marathon race.
My son-in-law in the green is a goalie for an adult soccer team, we were fortunate enough to get to watch him play in a major tournament. Go Jason!
One of my most favorite Quilt shops is Back Door Quilt Shop in Whitefish, a must to go to when I am in the area.
Um our next little quilter, a grandma could only wish. Talea was fascinated with these spools of thread, of course touching was important.
The finishing touches to this quilt, sewing the binding down. Yahoo! As I write this post I have started a new quilt, a flannel log cabin in creams and plums.
Talea and Papa really bonded this trip, more so that grandma had to play second fiddle this visit. All I could say was " wait until I come over in the winter, by myself".
The incredible Montana sky. Enjoy!