Friday, May 29, 2009

Treasures To Be Found

This was one of my favorite yards in Long Beach Washington, their were several I enjoyed but this was number one for me. The soft cream yellow house with blue shutters, the sling back lawn chairs, the flag, were all very inviting to me. Roger, myself, Lola and Eric all spent the weekend at the beach searching treasures for all. The guys even found "man" things.
It was Memorial Day weekend so we saw lots of flags hung, I am so ever grateful for those who have served our country, those who have given their life that we will be safe. I pray for those who are serving in the war now, including my brother Roger D. who is in Iraq as I write this.
The sign says it all, there were garage sales all through the towns along the Washington Coast starting a Chinook, up through Illwaco, to Long Beach and onto Ocean Park and beyond. We did some serious garage saleing. We have it down pack the guys sit in the back of my expedition, Lola and I up front with me driving on a mission to see what we can find.
Eric scored on a ten dollar leather "coach" wallet, Lola and Roger are looking on in amazement.
This is one of the sales we hit every year, there are always treasures to be found, Lola standing by the fabric table and notice the sign "we have man stuff" that is actually where I found the turquoise pan.
This settee went home with us in my expedition with the promise it would go to my friend Erin's, I would like to have had it, but really did not have a place for it now. Erin and her girls loved it. Thanks Lola and Eric, they were going to put it outside of their fence at the beach and put a sign on it FREE, of course I said I will take it home, so it came home. With a little tender loving care I am sure it is going to look beautiful at Erin's
These turquoise enamel pans were the icing on the cake, I plan to put ice in them with cold drinks for our barbeque's and garden parties. I think they will work great, don't you?
These are just a few of the treasures I found, the turquoise bottle was a big score, along with the platter, the sewing notions had lots of fun stuff in this little card board box, the hat is for my Ms. Scarecrow, the books were actually from my dear friend Erin. The table and chairs are from my cousin Sharon.
Here is a close up the two tape measures, one was made in England and the other was in West Germany, what a find. It pays to look at a treasure box closer you never know what you will find. The tea cup was from England too.
Eric spotted this owl at a sale and said I needed it for my garden, it was only one dollar.
When I got home; hanging on my clothes line was a new vintage apron left by my friend Erin. Thank you, she also picked up some heirloom tomato starts from the Laughing Leaf Farm which is just down from my home and brought them up, putting them safely inside the deer proof fencing so our little deer could not make a meal from them.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Painted Lady Lavender Farm

Nestled on the hill side off of Hwy101 on your way to the coast to Illwaco, Washington, you will find a magical Lavender farm waiting for you to explore. They grow Lavender and make many products for you to enjoy. Dwight one of the owners was there to greet us and gladly take us on a tour of the farm, I believe it is on only 2 acres, but two acres well utilized, complete with a guest cabin, a chicken coop and some rabbits. It was like visiting a fairy tale farm. Sue and Dwight along with their daughter Sheri have created a magical place for all to enjoy. They are open I believe seven days a week until 7:00pm, except I think Dwight said Sunday they close at 4:00, so if you are going to the Washington Coast it is well worth the drive and the visit. Enjoy.
This is not the best photo but it gives you an idea about the farm, this was in a local paper.
This statue complete with a heart stone pendant was precious.
This farm table with the block letters spelling out Lavender was awesome. I think they probably do classes at that table, there were several areas to sit and relax, all very inviting.
Here Sue one of the owners tending to the flowers, she is also a musician and plays the sax.
The stairs were steep to the top, but were well worth the climb to see the overall picture of the farm.
This bell is what greeted me as I reached the top of the stairs. It was a bucket turned up side down with a chain hanging down through it to create the dong the bell would make.
This was the view at the top of the tree house that I climb up to, to get the whole view of the property, it was awesome.
Complete with a swing, I have one at my house that I swing on all the time and my grandchildren love it too. The adults do too!
This setting was so magical, it had a French feel to it, it was very inviting. Below are some close ups for you to enjoy.
I loved this chandelier complete with shells and star fish hanging from it, perfect for the beach or anyone who loves to go to the ocean.
This porch swing looked so inviting, Sue, the owner said that her and Dwight read to each other while sitting out in this setting. How romantic is that?
My friend Lola, myself, and Dwight our garden tour guide.
I loved this saying.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eye Candy

Check out me and my boys blog spot for some eye candy. I am not a proud grandma, am I?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sisterhood Celebrates Birthdays and Outings

The table was set and the food was prepared by Nancy our hostess for the evening, we are celebrating our dear friend Judy's Birthday. We try to get together for each others birthday; with all of us having lots of activities, sometimes we delay our gathering, I don't mind, that just means we stretch our birthday out.Yeah!
Robin, Lola and Birthday Girl Judy.
Here we are off to more adventures, we will usually meet at Starbucks at Jantzen Beach, climb into my Expedition and off we go. We pretty much all like the same kinds of things so it is easy to shop together. We have gone antiquing and quilt shop hopping and of course special gift shop hopping. Our next adventure will be in June to Monticello Antique Mall.
Robin found some cute decoration at The Pine Needle Quilt Shop in Lake Oswego, I think this was the trip that Robin and I came home with purse kits to make. Whoops mine is not made yet, that will be a some day creating day.
I found some great treasures at Sur La Tab, Lake Oswego has it all, don't they?
Here Robin and Nancy are checking out Chicos in Lake Oswego.
We did some serious shopping at Holly Hill Quilt Shop in West Linn.
Here we are in West Linn at a cute little gift shop Robin, Nancy, me, and Judy.
This is Judy showing off her new apron. We gathered at Irbys in Battle Ground to celebrate four of our birthdays, and we all received aprons, how cool was that?
Robin had blessed us with aprons and then in turn she received one for her birthday.
Me I loved this apron thank you Robin!
Lola Who does this remind you of? Hint Columbia Sportswear.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Urban Farm School

My first meeting Toree of Urban Farm School was about ten years ago at the Pomeroy Herb Festival. Toree and her friend had antiques and primitives to sale. She had some great treasures. Then she had a sale in the fall at her home in the city on a dead end road, I got an invitation and went, I was not disappointed. She had created mini farm on this very small lot. I loved her chicken coop and aspired to have one just like it some day. In her front yard she had a old antique tractor with pumpkins scattered around. There were lots of photo opportunities and lots of goodies to take home with me. I continued to follow Toree's sales, where I met Kendra.
My friend Erin and I soak all the knowledge we can from these two women. Check out their website out for more information on their urban farm school. You can even host a "garden for life" class at your home through them.
This is a picture of a photo I took almost ten years ago with my regular camera before digital, so the quality is not the best but you still get the idea. My dad loved it, he used to collect old antique tractors.
An inviting area in the corner of Toree's yard.
Toree has utilized every bit of space with beds to grow her vegetables and flowers it will be neat to watch it become bountiful.
I loved this little cottage potting shed that Toree created on her property, it was very inviting, complete with a wood stove.
Another view of Toree's potting shed.
Toree, me, Erin, and Kendra
Toree and Kendra, Erin and I thank you from the bottom of our Heart for all you do. Keep up your good work.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Barn House More Photos

I loved this arrangement of pink and cream roses in this rustic blue five gallon pail.
I was so tempted to get this piano for my granddaughter.
A sweet potting cub bard for a child.

A creative chandelier was made from these empty bottles and when the sun shined through them it was beautiful.
The art work by Leah was the most awesome, that was a great addition to the sale.

There were some real cool corks in that bottle. The skeleton keys reminded me of my childhood, we had that kind of key to lock our doors.