Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Barn House Boy's Gardens

Not only do the Barn House Boys put on an incredible Vintage and Antique Market, they have a very well groomed garden as you will see.  Enjoy my journey through the gardens.
Are you noticing how neat and tidy this garden is looking.  I could only strive to accomplish this very fete.
Galvanized envy going on here for me!!!  I have wanted one of these for a long time.
Part of the Barn House Family!
I am thinking that this one had to wonder "what is going on with all these people that have invaded my piece of heaven?"
These last few photos are from last years show. I hope this will inspire you to be out in your gardens.
Now I think I would love to take a rest in this setting!  Ahh!  Whenever I have been at Barn House, that is what my heart feels. Ahh!  The energy there is so positive.  I hope you have enjoyed this journey that I was able to experience.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Barn House Vintage & Antique Marketplace 2012 V

This should be my final post on Barn House Vintage & Antique Marketplace 2012.  I know as a blogger this takes time to do and some careful thought.  It is my hope that I have been able to acknolge those whom I have taken photos from their space correctly.  Above is Worthy Goods enjoy the final journey.
Loved this table using the wine barrels.
I think this is from Petit & Olson. Love this post mail bag!
I actually considered getting this blue enamel pitcher, but decided I should wait.
The Duchess
Cottage Vintage Home
House of Harvest. I met Lindsea at my friend Natalie's last fall.  I love all her great finds.
I have some great vintage cameras, I am sure whom ever purchased these are pretty happy!
Mine is just like this one!
Along with all the wonderful vendors I get to see many friends that I have met over the years of attending these shows.  Here we have Kimberly Taylor and Lara Blair, professional photographers I look up to!
Kimberly Taylor and Rebbecca.
These next few photos I am not sure whom to give credit to, but I do want to share them with you.
It is always so much fun to meet up with  my Best Friend Erin!
As they say in show business. "That's a wrap"  Thank you Lindsea for this photo op.  I hope I have been able to capture what you might have wanted to see or remember from you visit to Barn House.  I know for myself I love to go back and enjoy the journey.

Barn House Vintage & Antique Marketplace 2012 IV

Camas Antiques they are right in my back yard practically, for a great selection of  treasures go here, along with Montiello Antiques in Portland, Oregon.  We are blessed in our part of the Pacific Northwest with some wonderful Antique Malls.
I think I am coveted this arrow.  Oh so sweet!
Who can resist these antiques bottles.  Not me!
Garret, love this man's spirit. He has a shop in Roseville, California that I am anxious to see, on my way to see my daughter in Northern California.
  This is some of the flannel shirts waiting to be explored and chosen from.

Garret  has some great choices here.  Did I tell you I am a flannel girl?  After all I am a Farn Girl at Heart!  I love to cozy up into a cozy flannel almost anytime of the year.
Love these throws that Garrett brought.  I bought one, they are light weight perfect for a warm evening when you just want  a little cover.  I am going to stop here, one more post on Barn House 2012 to come.