Monday, August 30, 2010

Molly Mo's Summer Antique Fair

Queen Anne's Lace and Aqua blue go hand in hand with summer, along with the summer show at Molly Mo's on Saturday, August 21st. Diane has put together a great group of vendors for this show. My choice for this day was to make the trek to Sublimity, Oregon to this fun sale. I was not disappointed.
This is Carol and myself, I met Carol last year at Molly Mo's sale, we instantly hit it off. I ran into Carol at the Mary Jane Store in Courde'lane Idaho last June, she introduced herself as my "blogger" stocker, with my daughter standing there, you can only imagine what Heather thought at first, until we explained what the conversation was about, then Heather was OK with it. Carol is not a blogger but follows many of our blogs. I feel blessed to have met her.
Some of Carol's creations, she is a beautiful sewer and a great new friend from this last year.
Love these sunflowers and these primitive buckets, just with the right amount of ageing.
Here is Martha of Vintage Trifles, what a creative lady, and she is one of the sweetest people I have gotten to know this last year.
Love these chandeliers, the options are endless as to what you can hang from them. What would you hang from one, if you had one?
Summer flower bouquets are such a joy to indulge in, especially in white pitchers or any vintage containers, wouldn't you agree?
Don't you just love those aqua blue canning jars? Well I sure do, they are so multi purposing.
Joy and Betty enjoying some time catching up. We have missed not seeing Betty.
Joy's inviting setting, doesn't this make you want to take a little rest? Or to purchase so you can create this in your own setting.
A collection of some of Joy's necklaces, all unique in their own way.
Diane of Molly Mo's had these great light fixtures from old funnels, what a great idea.
This ruffled tierd apron certainly captured my eyes.
Traveling the back roads home to the 205, I catch a glimpses of a field of yellow and blue, I make a decision to turn around and go back to see if I could get some kind of photo, well the road I decided to turn around at took me to this surprise. I felt like I had hit the "mother lode" with ah in my heart I felt so blessed to see such a sight. It all conjured up all kinds of memories from the past.
Stay tuned to my next post as the Farm Girls create their own sunflowers.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Barn House Flea Market cont.

These happy flowers were such a welcoming site. The Barn House Flea Market was the best. Their next show is in September, the 25th, be sure and mark your calenders. Also they have a online site for buying through out the year, so check it out.
Those Barn House Boys sure know how to create a setting. Don't you think? I just want to take it all home.
How is this for contrast of texture, a beautiful glass chandelier against that tin roof.
I thought this was a great shot of these ladies, Timi on left and Heather third from the left, the other ladies I do not know. Timi runs a tour bus to all these great sales, and has her own sale coming up in October. Heather Bullard we all know is a beautiful person, as well as a very talented lady.
This galvanized water can was so awesome, look at the initial "M" right up my alley don't you think? With a last name Muma, how could I go wrong? Debi and Lauri of Worthy Goods provided this great piece.
I think this basket of bread, rosemary would be a great addition to some one's dinner, don't you?
This bed warmer was a great vase for this hydrangea, Sue from Bella Shabby had these, what a great find. One did come home with me.
These sunflowers were sure happy with the weather this day.
This was a cool picture I captured, without getting any one in it.
Now how cool is this cool egg container? I have never seen anything like this before, now I am seeing them every where. Um!
These cute little pouches were provided by Liz of Seabold, one came home for me. I love her booth it is so clean and crisp.
This cotton gown that was on this dress form was so tempting for me.
Closer view of these wonderful necklaces.
Deb from Retreat Designs, always looking so beautiful. This is one very creative lady.
One of my favorite colors (blue) soft blue that is. To me it is so refreshing and cool.
Any one for a a bike ride?
The setting was perfect for an outdoor relaxing complete with music.
Katherine's cupcake was worth every indulgent I partook of. A special treat for me. Also her chicken skewers and Greek salad was so delicious. Any way this weekend don't forget Worthy Goods Vintage Fair in Camas, Washington. A lot of great vendors will be there.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Barn House Flea Market 2010

Barn House Flea Market 2010 was a sale you would not want to have missed, keep it in mind for the year 2011 and mark your calenders. The caliber of this sale is unbelievable beyond any one's expectation. The line up of vendors was top notch, the organization impeccable. I have a second post to do on this event, as there was no way I could put all of many favorites photos in one post.
"Old" that is what these Barn House Boys know how to scavenger for. Then they put it together in such a way, that it is hard to resist.
The space in the background is Belle Blanc, Leah is launching her new clothing line. A line of clothing that makes you feel beautiful and cozy. Watch for future information.

I love fresh flowers in vintage containers, how about you?

This darling young woman went to school with my youngest daughter, Heather, it was so fun to see here little ones, I think they were having a wonderful time, how about you?

Natalie's initial pendants along with that wonderful cow painting, wish I had it.
Crinolines and more crinolines, all those ruffles, makes you want to go to a party and play dress up.
Crystal chandelier, oh so beautiful.
Pearls are always a great find. After all aren't they one of a girls best friend?
Joy finds some of the coolest old bikes, who wouldn't want to go for a ride on this one.
What a darling little dress complete with pearls for dress up.
Myself with Sylvi, we go back a few years when I met her at her shop Little Cottage that was in old town Battle Ground, she is currently getting ready to do an online store, so keep watching.
I love the cotton gowns, I find them to be so soft to wear. There was a great selection to be found at this sale.
Lisa and Isabella, what a great photo of them both. They always have a smile on their face and I know they work so hard to present us with great treasures.
Some darling vintage gowns here to choose from. I will finish my post on The Barn House Flea Market in a couple days. Stay tuned.