Thursday, October 18, 2012

Life's Challenges

Since my last post, my life has faced many challenges. The first week of August, my sister Patty was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that had spread to her liver.  Preparing myself to be strong and to be her support person would prove to take all I had. Our biological mother had passed away when I was 21 and Patty was 19.  I soon would take over the role of not only Big Sister but Mother as well over the years.  Patty did not lead a very healthy life style, thus resulting in lung issues, along with diabetes. Sometimes I would be pretty hard on her through the years.  I think because I did not understand why she would not change her habits to stay healthy. I wanted her to be healthy, but she chose a lifestyle that would not warrant that very style of life.  I loved my sister very much.  In the three weeks we had left I would reiterate to her my love for her. I hold on to the fact that I know she was going to heaven and now she is in no pain. 
I have processed her passing in many ways, through climbing mountains, hiking some difficult trails, to creating, which seems to be my way to heal. I will soon share some of those journeys.  God has given us so much beauty and we are all so blessed. I can look all around me and just smile.

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