Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Pleasure of Tea for The Farm Girls

The Pleasure of Tea was our theme for this gathering of our Farm Girls, Erin was the host, meal was tomato basil soup, blueberry scones, turkey wraps, blue cheese vinaigrette dressing on a bed of lettuce and yummy deserts completed this tea. Just getting together was enough for these girls, we always have so much to share, that we just can't quick talking. Do you have a group or friend like that?
Erin, Katy and Robin having some tea and sharing our stories and just catching up, as you might remember Erin was away out of town for our last gathering, it was so nice to have her back.
Robin sharing this cast iron flat pan that belonged to her Grandma, what a treasure. We all love our cast iron. How about you?
Katy shared this recipe with us from the current Martha Steward magazine, she took it one step further and graced us with some to take home. Yummy!!!! Thanks Katy!
Here I am sharing my excitement of my photo publication featuring my blog, what a blessing it has been. I thank all who were responsible for this to happen.
Farm girl project this gathering was put together by Robin and I, I am the gather for sure, and love to share my ideas. One thing for sure about these girls they are all so creative in their talents and so giving to share.
The table was set with all the supplies needed to do this crafting project.
Robin, Katy and Erin choosing their designs to create their bottle cap magnets with.
I love this photo of Erin and I, when we get together to create we are certainly in our element. Ahhh!
I think that Katy was smitten over this peppermint pattie that I made homemade from Giada's recipe. It is so fun to share these with my friends.
An impromptu craft project, Erin showed us how to make these cute little bird nest as seen in Country Living. Thanks Erin for sharing.
Erin preparing the shredded paper with watered glue to be molded over saran wrapped bowl to form the nest.
Erin and Robin getting our bowls ready for nest building.
Some finished bird nests, how fun was that?
We are so all looking forward to a real spring. How about you?