Thursday, February 17, 2011

Queen of Tarte Revisited

I write this post after the fact, but thinking what a great reminder, for those looking for something to do this weekend. The Queen of Tarte will be open this weekend for her monthly sale. Check out her blog to get more information. Cindy always comes up with some great ideas that you won't want to miss.
Loved this area, as I am alchemist myself in the art of aromatherapy.
These linens are just too hard to pass up. Just simply divine.
This area had so much to see, that I had to walk around and around to make sure I didn't miss anything.
This farm table was so awesome, I love that it has rollers on it, perfect for moving wherever you might need it.
This cup holder was to die for, I have been eyeing these for awhile, some day maybe?
A basket full of cloth tape measure, boy was I tempted.
Cindy had said we could go up the long stairs to her studio, what a treat that was. Don't you just love these stairs?
This chandelier my oh my! As I entered the this area I was in such ahh, it is hard to describe. I just wanted to stay and sit awhile.
A huge room transformed into a multi use area.

Class room space are one of the options for this area. How fun would that be. I know Cindy has some fun exciting ideas of what to do up here.
Just a few of the treasures I brought home, you will see in a later post what I did with these hearts. The heart tags were from Kmarie, she certainly knows how to work with the glitter, I used them for my Valentine decorating for my Valentine gathering with the Farm Girls.
I love this jug I bought, perfect for flower arrangements. The heart shaped cookies were simply delicious too!
In the meantime, I will just dream about Tarte Land as I am in Montana visiting my daughter and her family, so I will be awaiting for fellow blogger posts on this weekend's event. Have Fun!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cousin's Sleepover

A post Christmas gathering of the cousins to celebrate the holidays on Jan 20th, was a weekend to remember. Our plan was to work with the gemstones and beads, clearing any dead energy in the house, I drummed the area, just like native Americans would clear the energy with sage, you can do the same thing with drumming. Reflecting back on the weekend, I know for myself my creativity was very bountiful, I contribute that to my energy was not stagnate anymore. Yahoo!

Donna, Kathy and I about to embark on our journey to Battle Ground. One might ask why all the group shots, it is our memories of where we have been.
Roger and our grandson Chants, would have their own sleepover, they went target shooting and then watched all night western movies in the "Hunt Trailer" while us women had the comforts of home. I did hear they were pretty cozy out there, with their new flat screen, heat and treats.
This sign says it all, spending time with family is so important, whether it is biological or not, we all need to do this. The girls wanted to check out a couple shops in Battle Ground, so we were off to Battle Grounds, Uncovered Ruby, the girls were not disappointed at all.
Some of my treasures I found at Uncovered Ruby in Battle Ground, Washington.
Kathy, Donna and I at" Battle Grounds" a coffee shop in old town Battle Ground, the setting an old church.
My first nonfat purchased chai in 10 months, oh so worth it!!!!!!

A perfect brisk cool afternoon to walk at Lewisville Park, just outside of Battle Ground, Washington.
Back at the house, I shared this wall hanging one of my clients gave me, some beautiful art work, do you see the cross? A light dinner, then these women were about ready to do some serious creating. I have a huge collection of gemstones and beads, Kathy and Donna brought some of their collection to share as well. We ended up staying up until 2:30 in morning, yes you read that right!!!! Very unusual for us three these days.
Kathy and Donna creating with the stones, Donna was making light catchers and some earrings and Kathy made earrings. Yes I finished off that bottle wine, I did share with Roger however, sending him at text message to the hunt trailer, he was right over to the back door to get his glass of wine, what was a girl to do, she certainly couldn't drink that all by herself, could she?
Kathy reading here the properties of the gemstones, I truly believe they have do healing work, God created them, so how can they not?
The finished product of my creative juices, creativity was definitely flowing. I sale some of these at my shop.