Thursday, November 29, 2012

OK I Can Do This!

OK I can do this!  After taking a break from blogging, I had decided to get back to posting. I would come upon obstacles, first my memory for my photos was full, imagine that? After four years of blogging, I guess it was bound to happen.  I had to make a decision do I buy more, with some thought I decided to go for it. I bought more memory for my photos, then went to post and struggled to get the photos where I wanted with the captions below the photos, therefore my last post is a little messed up with a huge blank spot in the beginning. I will persevere just like I did all summer climbing mountains, pushing myself beyond my comfort zone.  I am asking that you hang in there with me as I maneuver through blog posting. I will master it because that is who I am.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 A Time of Remembrance!

Rosemary for remembrance.  Did you know that rosemary was and is used for remembering something? This holiday season I am doing a lot of remembering, holding those good memories close to my heart.  Thanksgiving our girls would be with their in-laws. Roger and I decided to just stay home, until a last minute decision  to take our dinner to some friends whom also would be home alone. The rosemary would go into the brine that Roger made for the turkey.  I grow rosemary, so all I do it step out my door and cut it.  Roger would be making the brine before I came home from work, so I harvested it, left it on the cutting board, labeled it so he what it was and the rest was up to him.
I make my dressing like my mom taught me, using my home grown sage, adding chicken broth to add just the right amount of moistness to the dish.
Green beans sauteed with almonds and onion and little seasoning.
An apple pie would be in order.  I canned my apple pie filling so all it took was to roll out the dough, add the filling and bake.
This round oak table makes the best work table to create on.
Although I don't make the prettiest looking pies, they are tasty.  One of my life time goals is to make pretty fluted crust edges on my pies!
Roger would smoke our brinned turkey on the Traeger. Did I say it was moist?  One of our best turkeys. I hope you all had a memorable Thanksgiving. I am now ready to move on to Christmas.  My two older daughters will be coming to our home for Christmas so I best get myself ready for the celebration.  There is a lot of decorating to do! Menu is planned.  How about you?
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