Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Blessings!

While hiking last weekend up the Columbia River Gorge at Eagle Creek Falls, I came across this setting and decided it was most worthy of this holiday celebration, remembering that Christ died on the cross, giving us new beginnings. Enjoy this time with your families and those you hold close.

Friday, April 15, 2011


OMG I can hardly believe this, I feel so truly blessed, back in February I received an e-mail from Romantic Homes senior editor Justine Lopez asking me if I would be interested in submitting some photos from my blog depicting Spring, Easter, or Mothers Day. They would be published in the May issue. I took a deep breath and said to myself, OMG, I went through all the self doubt, were my photos worthy of a magazine? Well I finally said to myself go for it. I still could not believe it until I saw it for real. I must say that I have been privileged to experience some wonderful flea markets and antique shows, we have a great array of some very talented people in our area. The photos chosen, two of which were from the Barn House Flea Market last summer; one was from Little Cottage's booth, one of Bella's I believe and the final one chosen was from last springs Funky Junk Sisters show in Puyallup, Washington. I thank these wonderful vender's for sharing their talent with me.
Do you know how cool and exciting it is to see you name and photos in print? Wow! I was featured in the section of "sites we love" which show cases bloggers.
Yes I did go and buy up several copies for my family and of course myself. I can't thank every one enough for the many gifts they have shared with me, allowing the opportunity to take photos at their shows and events. Many hugs to all. Florence

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Welcome Spring! Let the Spring Shows Begin!

Welcome Spring! We are all so ready for spring, I think all around us. What a winter it has been. I ventured out to Auntie Joy's first sale of the season, what a treat.
Joy and I, I purchased this blue enamel pitcher and Joy gave me the daffodils. Joy and I go way back, I met Joy at The Oregon Garden Quilt show a few years ago, she gave me the confidence to start a blog, the rest is history, I am so ever grateful to her for all the blessings that have been giving me through this blog world. Thank you Joy!
Daffodils in all their glory in this flower stand.
Joy creates some of the greatest necklaces and bracelets, one of which I treated myself to.
How fun would it be to wear this to a girlie party!
These lockers sure evokes memories of days gone by, like High School, how about you?
Enamel ware I can not resist. Add some daffodils and they just pop!
Mr. Dave Joy's right hand man, what a special guy she has there. Joy will be at The Monticello Spring Garden Show, be sure and check her space out.
A visit to Monticello Antique Mall would not disappoint, as I write this they are preparing for their spring garden show, be sure and check it out.
Some one builds these great garden potting sheds for Monticello, you must check them out.
White with pink, certainly is my weakness. How about yours?
White ironstone never seems to go out of style. I have a great collection of pitchers.
I am so ready for some porch time, how about you?
A impromptu show from Barn House Boys would not disappoint, with Natalie adding her special touch to this show. This would be the start of our soon to be spring sales. What a great uplifting event. They held their show in this 1912 Venersborg School house, a perfect setting, don't you think?
Burlap, wood, linens and glass were all present at this great impromptu show.
Love, love these linen towels.
Oh to have a farm table, someday when I can remodel my family room and kitchen.
Linens and crocks some of my favorites.
I don't think many people can pass up these aqua canning jars, they have so many uses.
Love the stripes and the green jade dishes.
Be sure and check out The Garden Show at Monticello starting this Friday the 8th of April going through the May 30th. Enjoy!