Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Gift of Handmade From The Heart

This smile says it all, the gift of handmade bring such joy to ones face. I posted earlier that my friend Erin had made these snowmen, I just love them, they all have their own personalities.
Jordan can't resist feeling these snowman, I had to wonder what he was thinking in that little brain of his.
I think Jordan was so tickled with him self, I couldn't resist posting this picture.
This is what started my romance with fleece, I made this Oregon State blanket for Roger as he is a Beaver " Go Beaves"! The rest is history, I am great visualizer and really went for it this year, I think I made 15 of the fleece blankets. I know that they have been around for a long time, but I just had not got in to them. I am a quilter so that is probably why. However they sure go allot faster than a quilt. This Santa elf was very busy as you can see this season.
Chants got a wild life blanket that was right up his alley. He is aspiring to be like his daddy and Papa Roger to go hunting with them some day.
I think Julie really liked her blanket, she has said, along with everyone else that the whole family keeps snagging it away from her.
My mom, sister Glenda and brother-in-law Gerry holding the blanket that I had done up for Glenda, I made each of my parents one, mom's in pink and dad's in blue plaid, I think they loved them. Dad right away took his and put it on his bed and mom's went on the back of her recliner.
My two oldest girls modeling their aprons, each one of my daughters received an apron that I had made.
I gave all my girls this book "Christmas Gifts from The Kitchen" so that they can have some ideas of gifts that they can perhaps make. I have always tried to instill in them that the best gifts are those that are made and given from the heart.
I think Jeremy is digging on his scarf that I made him. Don't you? Bless his heart!
Jennifer with her scarf, I made all the girls a pale blue fleece scarf with a shimmer of snowflakes on them that was embedded in the material already.
Raymond, my son-in-law checking out his black fleece scarf, he told me later that he did not think he ever owned one, he was quite smitten with it, it did my heart good to see the look on these guys when they realized what I had done. Heather who was not here for Christmas, said that Jason was really liking his scarf too.
Stacks of flannel pajamas were waiting to be sewn, oh how cozy they are, especially on a cold winter day.
Jessica holding up her jammies that I made for her, I think she was very happy. When my girls were little I always made them flannel night gowns for Christmas, so that they had something nice to wear on Christmas eve night.
The "Sister Hood" group gathered at Robin's home to celebrate Nancy's birthday and to do a gift exchange, Robin always has her home decorated so beautiful that I had to post this picture. Thank you Robin for hosting us.
Robin, Judy , Nancy and Lola adorning the aprons that I had made for them. They all said you know us well by the choice of colors in our aprons.
Here is Nancy with a table runner that our friend Lola made for all of us. We were very blessed to receive this.
I finish this post with this special photo, this is Chants and Jessica, my two oldest grand children, my oldest daughter Julie, has made it her tradition to take the kids to the down town Meir and Frank, now Macy's to have their picture taken with Santa. When my girls were little I did it with them each year I was able to. Do you have a special Christmas tradition?


  1. Such a fun surprise to see my baby's sweet little face when I opened this post! He is so darn cute! (if I do say so myself :) Looking forward to wearing my new jammie pants. Thanks for all the handmade gifts, they are always extra special that way.

  2. You really put a lot of work and love into all those hand made items! Your family and friends are very lucky.

  3. What a wonderful treat to share with us. You were certainly a very busy elf this year. You must stay up very late or get up very early to get all that sewing done!
    Happy New Year to you!

  4. Hi Florence, you must let me know when you head over to Montcello. I would love to meet you for coffee or tea :)
    Have a great week
    Julie, Kindred Roses

  5. Look at how buys you were!! What wonderful and special handmade gifts!!!!!
    Happy New Year :)

  6. Love your handmade gifts...I make almost all the gifts I me, I prefer to receive a handmade is so your blog, found you through littlebyrd.....nice to meet you, jules

  7. Where in the world did you find the time Florence? Looks like you had a wonderful time with your family! Take care, Karen

  8. Wonderful post as always Florence. I have decided you are the Magic in the wand that takes us on special get aways via your blog. Or should it be you have the cyber magic carpet? Either way it is always a trip to open your blog and see what where we are visiting and who.
    Have a wonderful year.

  9. Those pictures of Jordan are adorable!!! And having been blessed by your incredible hand made hard work this holiday, and your loving care I can only say Thank You my dear Sister!

  10. this is amazing! i always love to make gifts and when i was a young mom and wife it was all i could afford and i took great pride in my creations. i can see you have made a lot of people happy with these cozy creations! you inspire me :) i did make quite a few of my gifts this but nothing would make me happier than to use my sewing machine all through the year making things for friends and family. thank you for your friendship this past year florence i so appreciate you.

  11. WOW Florence you were busy this Christmas!! I LOVE your fleece blankets and scarves! My mom made my kids fleece scarves and hats for Christmas...they are so soft and warm, we just love them!

    Your little Jordan is a doll of a grandbaby!!

    :) T

  12. Wonderful memories with family!
    Your Jennifer must be the brunette version
    of you :o)
    Happy new Year, Florence!
    Hugs from Sylvi


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