Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Farm Girl's Valentine Gathering

"Farm Girls gathered on Saturday February 6th at my home to celebrate Valentines Day, to create and just be together. I love having the girls come to my home, they are all so giddy and fun to watch and I love to bring out elements of surprises for them, creating a day to remember. We share our stories and our creations, always eager to share our skills with each other. Below you will see a couple of quilts I just made in the last month. Very simple but fun.
This is my quilt on "steroids" I had a few sleepless nights so I got up and started sewing. I had a bad chemical burn on my hands, so I had to get some medical help to heal them up, along with that comes the side effects, however well worth the miraculous healing the meds do. Since I use my hands in my healing work, they have to be well. They say every quilt has a story, well mine will not be lost.
This is my Red and White Valentine quilt, very simple but just perfect for that lap blanket. It is quilted with a heart pattern and will be finished with a white back ground and red dot binding,
Robin and Katy with lots of smiles just because we are getting together. Our bond as friends continues to grow, we have now just hit our one year anniversary as "Farm Girls" wow, the bond is strong, we know we can lean on each for strength when needed, no burden is to great to bear, we are here for the long term. I hope many of you have this bond with some one.
Some of our shared Valentine treasures we received.
Erin and I sharing our stories, we share our apron stories and journal pages from our last gathering and what ever might be happening for us at this time. Katy and I have both experienced the loss of a loved one this past week, so bringing our group together gives us a wonderful lift to our spirits.
Katy's husband Eric surprised us all with bouquets of flowers, I sure think he gained some extra brownie points from all of us. Thank you Eric.

Robin was our teacher for this project and she most definitely has down the embroidery work, and we all thank her for all her ideas and hard work gathering all the the things we needed to accomplish this project.
Here are some samples that Robin brought to give us some ideas of things we might like to make in the future. She also blessed us with a great little card holder, that I quickly put my coffee card in. I think I will have to try and make some more of them. Thanks Robin.
With lots of wool scraps to work with, we set about to create our wool pin cushions.

Erin and I will our wool pin cushions, I think we were very happy with our creations, don't you?
Robin showing her pincushion.
Katy with her finished pin cushion.
Our lunch included a Hearty soup made by Erin, a spinach pear salad provided by Robin, and I provided mini quiches to round off our luncheon. We had Lavender Lemonade, which we soon learned as we were creating we were pretty relaxed, um could it have been the lavender, maybe.
Our desert was provided by Katy in this beautiful heart shape baking dish from Le creuset, it was a Bare Foot Contessa recipe of apple crisp. Yummy. I will leave you with some fun settings that I created for the atmosphere of the day. Enjoy.

I am a pretty lucky lady as I also had another Valentine gathering with my sister hood group that I will post next. I hope your Valentines is everything you would want it to be.


  1. That looks like so much fun, Florence. It's so nice to have good friends to do things with. I had a few friends over (didn't get pics, though) to do whatever we were working on. Kristin was sewing vintage styles dress for her little girl, 2 others were spinning yarn, making me think I should get my wheel out lol, I just knitted, and another friend was knitting. Good times. Love all the Valentine stuff, I'm a sucker for Valentines!

  2. Florence, Looks like you all had a good time. Just found your blog and signed up to follow - can't wait to read more. Jamie

  3. Hi Florence,
    Sorry to hear of your loss. Isn't it great how friends can help us through anything? Love your metal fun.

  4. You have such attention to detail! I love it. Every gathering looks like so much fun. I did not hear of the loss? Who was it??

  5. looks like ya'll had a BLAST! what a sweetie of a hubs to bring fancy fresh flowers too.

    thanks for sharing the "luv."

  6. Lovely pics, we had so much fun. Thanks for making everything so special. Farmgirl hugs!

  7. Hello Florence ~I didn't want to miss the opportunity to come by and wish you a Happy Valentines Day.
    Sometimes our lives can become very busy making it difficult to return visits. So,I truly appreciate you taking the time to not only visit but, especially for leaving me with your sweet comments.
    It inspires my creativity. It's always a joy to share with you just as you do with me.
    Looks like you girls are off to a good start in celebrating Valentines day. Everything looked so festive. The quilts were so delightful. I can't sew a I admire those who can.
    I hope you can stop by for some V-Day fun. I've posted a tutorial on Conversation Heart Petit fours.

    Sweet Valentine Wishes,

  8. Very cool, Florence! It looks like fun!


  9. What a nice thing to do together!
    I am flying to Kalispell tomorrow, to visit a good friend & might stay the week.
    Have no return ticket yet;- this is my little vacation, so we'll play it by ear :o)))
    Hey, maybe I'll bump into you at one of the antique stores????
    Enjoy your trip!

  10. Hi Florence! What a fun Valentine's get together...looks like everyone really enjoyed themselves!!!

    BTW, your quilt is gorgeous!!!

    Blessings ~

    :) T


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