Friday, July 30, 2010

My own little Farm Chick from Montana

My own little Farm Chick, I mentioned in my last post that I had bought this slip for my granddaughter, so mom dressed her in it. She looked so stinking cute in it, don't you think.
Pastor Jason, Heather and Talea posing for me, we went to a park close by their home. Lawrence Park has a river running through it, a perfect chance to be close to the water.
Here the Stillwater River runs through this park, what a treat to have such wonderful bodies of water so close by.
Heather pulling Talea in the wagon down the trail to the river.
Talea not liking the dirt that is in between her toes. Her famous words are ooohhh.
This little farm chick is not afraid to touch these worms, she just got right in there.
Papa Roger teaching Titus how to cast his fishing line.
Patience is the name of this game, do you know how hard this is for this five year old?
A forty mile drive to the west took us to this lake called Middle Thompson Lake what a serene setting, don't you think?
Papa Roger and my little Farm Chick Talea taking a stroll down the dock. Love this photo. This adventure always takes us to new places, thanks Heather for giving this opportunity to explore Montana.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Farm Chicks Remembered June 2010

Farm Chicks is the sale to not miss, with planning ahead, it is on my calender. The caliber of this sale is astounding, no one goes away disappointed. There is something for every ones needs or wants. Last year I went with my Farm Girl Friends, this year I took my youngest daughter, she had wanted to go for last three years, so with a little juggling and two awesome spouses we pulled it off.
Here I am with Serena aka The Farm Chick, she is the most special person I know, and one of the hardest working person pulling off a show not to be missed. I got to meet her at a book signing in the Tri-cities when "The Farm Chicks Cookbook" came out. Thanks Serena for remembering me.
I loved this ticket that we got to enter the sale with, as much as I love cow girl boots, I am about comfort when you have some serious shopping to do. How about you?
My youngest daughter Heather met me in St. Regis, Montana, we swapped passengers, sending Papa Roger with Heather's husband Jason and the two little ones back to Kallispell, Montana, while Heather and I had some girl time. What a great time we were about to have. Heather would say later how neat it was to meet some of the bloggers that I have become friends with this last year. You will see from this post, that I had the opportunity to get some blogging friend pictures more than ever before. Thank you fellow bloggers.
This was the first booth we saw as we entered to The Farm Chicks Sale. The wow factor came in to play right away. Heather was so excited as to what she was going to see. I don't think she was disappointed at all. She is already making plans for next year with her sisters.
I have always liked this kind of lamp shade, what great use of our left over trims, don't you agree?
Heather my daughter, she loved this space, later we talked about our favorites and this one is the one that stood out for her.
This dress top was made with cup cake liners, wow what work went into this project.
My self and Heather Bullard, this sale had so many of my favorite fellow blogger's be sure and check out Heather's Blog.
This dress would be so much fun to wear on a warm sunny day. Don't you think?
Check out all these old seed packets, I am not sure if they weren't repos though.
Joy and Robin taking time for letting me get a photo of them.
Our dear friend Isabella had a booth here, she is one of the nicest people I have gotten to know this past year.
Lots of linens were available to purchase and yes I came home with some.
This enamelware was such a treat to see, I found some great pieces.
I got this sweet little slip, from Lisa, for my granddaughter, in my next post you will see her in it, I will just say she is our next little farm chick.
These sweet muffin tins looked so inviting with their fresh flowers in them, don't you think?
When I saw this outfit, I was very drawn to it, later I would find out it is one of Leah's designs, that will soon be presented to us at The BH Flea Market, you won't want to miss this event the 31st of July.
Seeing Tiffany at Farm Chicks was a high light for me, as she has been an inspiration to me on loosing weight, when she shared her story earlier in the year, I thought I really need to do something, fast forward, I found a program that works for me and I feel wonderful from it. Thank you Tiffany for giving me that boost.
This sweet apron came home with me, who could not resist pink polka dots?
Seeing this Flag display certainly caught my eye, um maybe one more flag?
These flags are right up my alley, as I am a birthday girl on the 6th of July, so I am all over patriotic, the more rustic the better. Happy Fourth to You all. Safe travels and lots of memories in the making for you all.