Friday, July 30, 2010

My own little Farm Chick from Montana

My own little Farm Chick, I mentioned in my last post that I had bought this slip for my granddaughter, so mom dressed her in it. She looked so stinking cute in it, don't you think.
Pastor Jason, Heather and Talea posing for me, we went to a park close by their home. Lawrence Park has a river running through it, a perfect chance to be close to the water.
Here the Stillwater River runs through this park, what a treat to have such wonderful bodies of water so close by.
Heather pulling Talea in the wagon down the trail to the river.
Talea not liking the dirt that is in between her toes. Her famous words are ooohhh.
This little farm chick is not afraid to touch these worms, she just got right in there.
Papa Roger teaching Titus how to cast his fishing line.
Patience is the name of this game, do you know how hard this is for this five year old?
A forty mile drive to the west took us to this lake called Middle Thompson Lake what a serene setting, don't you think?
Papa Roger and my little Farm Chick Talea taking a stroll down the dock. Love this photo. This adventure always takes us to new places, thanks Heather for giving this opportunity to explore Montana.


  1. That last picture is awesome! Doesn't it look like Dad walking with one of us girls? :) So sweet.

  2. Florence, those are WONDERFUL photos . . . reminds me of fishing with my Dad when I was very little too. Thanks for the happy feelings! Debi

  3. LOVE IT!!! Thank you for sharing the adventures with us. REALLY REALLY looking forward to September...what new things can we discover???

  4. What beautiful country!!!
    I love fishing.
    Hope you are enjoying your day.
    It was good to see you last weekend. You look FAB


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