Saturday, February 7, 2009

Creating soaps and bath salts

Yesterday Friday the 6th of February I went to my friend Jan's house and we made soap and bath salts, she wanted me to help her with the blending of the oils, as she knew I had a background in aromatherapy, I knew what oils go well together. This day brought a whole new light to me on the art of soap making, in 1988 I started making soap from scratch with the oils and the water and the lye, now you can just buy the product, melt it and pour, how easy is that, I think I am hooked. I am picky about what goes into it however and there is no way getting around the lye, it has been added at one time before it gets to the consumer. We had fun making different types of bath salts using different recipes other than my own, as you can see I am a note taker, I have always told my aromatherapy students that you must write down what you put into your product so that if you really like it you will be able to repeat it. We had a great day and I thank Jan for having me up to do some creating and having some good friendship time. The pictures show the soap on the pedestal look like you could eat them.


  1. It was a wonderful day and you are such a dear friend to come share your knowledge with me.

    Hey - How about those gourmet PB&J sandwiches I served with chips right outta the bag? Priceless!


  2. They look so pretty! Sounds like you had a fun time. Looking forward to your visit.


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