Sunday, February 1, 2009

Oregon Gardens Quilt Show in Silverton, Oregon
My Best Friend Erin and I traveled to Silverton, Oregon to go to a quilt show and of course we knew our friend Joy from" Antie Joy " would be there. The quilts were nice and they had a selection of antique or older ones that naturally caught my eye. I often wonder if my quilts that I have made over the years, will catch someones interest in a 100 years from now, I would like to think so. As I look at them I think of the history and the stories that went into making them. I marvel at the workmanship in the handquilting that was done. Most of us tend to have our quilts machine quilted, there are however those that still take the time to work every stitch into their quilts. As you see in the photo there was something for me to find in Joy's booth, perhaps and apron to be made and a treasure to wear.


  1. I know I will treasure the quilts you have made for me and the little ones you made for the boys forever. Thank you!

  2. Hi sweet Florence,
    I heard you got a blog;- and I found you-YAY!
    Good luck with your new adventure here in blogland!
    Let the bloggers know about your therapy business!!! You're allowed to do a little marketing, ya know :o)


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