Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. I went to the local feed store and could not resist the photo opportunity. Some day I will have chickens again, Roger says when I am not working so much.


  1. oh roger! I have heard many tales of those chickens when Jen was younger. ha I hope Stuart has similar stories :)

  2. The local feed store is dangerous...every year we say we aren't going to get anymore...and every year we get more and more. Hope to see you soon! :o)

  3. Hi Florence,
    I had to catch up with what you have been up doing.
    I accidently hit the wrong button and published before I wrote the post,I hit enter to start... then I have to edit, and there is the lag time...from the titie to when I actually get the post? I think you read the very very short post on the bunny...
    Have a great Easter,

  4. Happy Easter my Dear Dear Friend!!!
    The little chic and chocolate are beautiful. Just the spirit lifter I needed. Hope you are having fun at Heather's. Those chick's just make you smile. Easter Blessings to All.

  5. The baby chicks are hard to resist aren't they! I have 8 chickens and love them all!

    Hope your Easter was a happy one...


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