Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rustic Scare Crows

Following the East Fork of The Lewis River road, a beautiful sight with the water rushing down the river bed and the cascading waterfalls coming down the hill side. Climbing the winding roads to Dole Valley we arrive at 'Farm Girl at Heart' Erin's home. April 25, 2009.
With elegance of a tea party and a primitive woodsy theme we gathered to create rustic scare crows made from alder wood. Erin had all the log bodies, branches for the arms and noses, and twigs for button eyes all ready for us to create our garden scare crow.
Erin had prepared for us a tea luncheon with tea sandwiches and scones. The rest of us brought food to share for the feasting. Before lunch we shared our working apron stories and our journal pages from our last gathering. We definitely have a poetic one in our midst.
We gained confidence that we can all run a power drill, thanks to the confidence Erin had in us all. We adorned our scare crows with hats and scarfs.
We were sent home with treasures to cherish. Seeds to be planted, plants to go in the ground, signs to adorn our walls and yummys to eat. Also in our bundle were our pair of rustic scare crows to protect our gardens. Watch out all you creatures someone will be watching you.
The table was set with treasures to work with to create our rustic scare crows.
Here we are sharing our farm girl journal pages from our last gathering. Great job farm girls.
I loved this rose picture grouping that Erin had done.
The teddy bear is ready for her tea party I think. Don't you think so too?
The table was set all special, making us all feel very special.
Tea sandwiches and fresh hot scones with special jams and jellys were set before our feasting eyes.
Fresh fruit to share thank you Katy.
Our yummy veggie tray with hummus dip provided by Robin.
Peppermint patties from The Farm Chicks in The Kitchen Cook book along with the lemon tea cookies were our reward for all our hard work.
The log bodies are awaiting our creativity to come forward, Erin found these in a country living book.
Erin ran the drill with such confidence, we do however owe Mark a couple bits because we stripped them.
Robin's expression says it all, I had the very same sentiments about running a drill. Yow!
Katy was a real pro with the tools, she knew how to use them with confidence.
Erin guiding me along with the chisel to make mine have a smile on him.
Here is our family of scarecrows mine is on the left with his arms straight shouting yeah!
Here is close up view of our wonderful scarecrows, along with our sipping juice of Elderflower Presse I got at Cost Plus, thanks to the information from Heather Bullard
Here we are all lined up in front of our rustic scarecrows, they are standing on a table behind us. We will put them on a piece of re bar when we put them in our gardens.
These farm chick cookies were so yummy.
"Fresh Eggs" sign adorned the table with yellow wood violets in a small clay pot and a straw basket with gloves, handkerchief, and yummy farm chick cookies were waiting for us when we arrived.
Gloves to protect our hands, special seeds from the Butchart Gardens in Victoria Canada, a basil plant to go in the ground, however in my elevation I will have to baby it inside until the frost is safely gone.
A daisy bucket full of seeds, plant markers, a Mary Jane candy bar, notepad to keep little notes on and a sunflower soap to wash up with after being in the garden.


  1. Looks like a LOT of fun! We may need you to help us with making one of these scare crows for the Hawks that are after our chickens. See you soon!

    J & J

  2. You are blessed to have a group of friends to make such fun memories with. How fun!

  3. Looks like you gals had a wonderful day....and those sandwiches are making me hungry! Love the scare crow and the gift basket in the last photo too. You Farm Girls Rock!

  4. What a wonderful time you have with your friends! That is so special! I love the scarecrows, too. I was just out in my greenhouse checking stuff, watering, dreaming of a better garden than last year. I almost bought an artichoke plant, wonder how they'd do in NW Oregon?? I really appreciate your prayers and kind words, too! Karen

  5. What a great idea & what great friendship! Looks like you all had a good time & the hostess did lots to prepare your arrivals!
    Thanks for sharing ;o)

  6. How fun!!! If you like the farm chicks show, we know you will like ours too. Go to our blog to get more info

    Linda & Dixie
    The Funky Junk Sisters

  7. Oh Florence,
    Alyssa says you make everything looks so beautiful! Your pictures are great, I want copies. Just keep hearing all our laughter it was a great day!!! Love you sis, Erin


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