Friday, September 18, 2009

Barn House Season Finale 2009

For the fall harvest Barn House Sale we had Natalie, Cindy,Jermone, Kimberly and Joe shown here, also Diane and I am sure more than that participated in this sale, bringing together a great show for the season finale of the year, here in Venersburg, Washington. We will all wait in anticipation for what spring brings us.
Jars of shells who can resist. Brings us closer to the ocean, I think.
Natalie's beautiful jewelry. Check out her blog for more information.
These next few pictures show how the fall harvest is definitely in the air, all the primitive furniture just really sets it off.

How about a Cinderella pumpkin?
This setting was gorgeous with those gold gourds and the black next to it. Wow!
This was Cindy's area, I don't know how she finds so much stuff, she has a sale on the 26th of September, check her blog out for more information.
I really liked this grouping, it would be great in a den or a beach cabin. Don't you think so?
There is always some great treats to be had to fortify the body so we can keep shopping or just relax after shopping and visit with our friends. Thank you Natalie for all your yummy cakes.
Wave the magic wand and everything is done. Right? Some how maybe not. It is worth a try don't you think?
I have always loved these turquoise jars and have a collection myself, they look way too cool in a grouping I think.
This was a great display piece and storage, wow think of all the treasures you could put in the drawls where you could find them.
These head bands were made by Kimberly of mimi charmante, she had some beautiful necklaces and half aprons of which I did treat my self to one of the aprons.
These Lavender Bath Salts were done by Natalie of the vintage sparrow.
Ok Joe Did you grow all of these tomatoes?

All of this iron work is so beautiful. I guess we will have to all wait for spring to come to see what our Barn House Boys have in store for us. Saturday was a very busy day for me, as I got up early for Barn House, then I was off to Vintage Gathering and then to my Farm Girl Gathering, so as you can see I have more posts to come. Stay tuned there is lots more to see.


  1. So wish I could have gone to the season finale. I'm sad to have missed it. They always put on such a great Party, I mean sale. ha ha Hope to get to see you again on the antiquing trail.



  2. Greetings~ I'm finally back from my summer long blogcation.

    It looks like I made it back just in time to see the finale. I would've loved to make the trek from Vancouver WA to attend this event, but couldn't go. So... I'm happy you've shared the venue through your photos and in your previous posts too! What I'd like to know is where we get the recipe for Miss Natalie's delightful *CAKE*!? Did you get a piece of that masterpiece?

    I've enjoyed catching up. Please stop by...I look forward to the return of your company.
    Sweet wishes,

  3. Florence, everything looks great, as usual. BTW, Kristin and I were admiring your camera! Hope we get to see you on the 3rd. Karen


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