Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mission to Montana Accomplished

With a long Labor Day weekend ahead of us Roger and I headed to Montana with a mission in front of us, one to resurface the driveway at Heather and Jason's and two to teach Heather how to can foods, both were accomplished, with added benefits to spend time with the whole family. We did not get to go on any adventures to Glacier but perhaps next spring, winter is coming and we needed to prepare for it. Heather and I did sneak off to a bead show one afternoon, that was a little bonus for us, and we went to a couple farmer's markets, which are always fun.
After leaving the I-90 you follow the Clark Fork, it is where they filmed A River Runs Through it, it is always nice to be able to follow a river along the journey.
You know when you see this barn that you are almost there, this barn is in a lot of photos, it sits on the shores of Flathead Lake.
This was part of our reasoning to get over to Montana to see these two little ones, however Titus started preschool and next year will be kindergarten, he is sure growing up fast.
I taught Heather how to can, so here she is pouring the syrup over the peaches, we did canned peaches, canned huckleberry pie, Kosher dill pickles and dried some apples, I think we got a lot done and still did a little jewelry making, between taking care of the guys as they worked on the driveway, keeping them replenished with hydration and food.
Heather pouring Huckleberry Pie filling into the jars, no we did not pick the huckleberries I bought them instead, as the men were too busy working on the driveway there was no time to go up to the mountain to pick them this time, maybe next year.
Teaching the next generation how to can, there are now four generations in my family canning, how awesome is that?
The results of some of our hard work, looks beautiful don't you think?
We made these cinnamon rolls from the Farm Chick Cookbook, they were delicious, we even did the hint where you rise them the second time and then put them in the refrigerator until the next morning then bake them, yummy. This book has so many great recipes in it you all should have it, I have tried so many and they all have been wonderful.
We celebrated Talea's birthday while we were there, her real birthday is on Sunday the 20th, she was definitely our princess. Don't you think?
Talea knew exactly what to do with this baby doll, give it a love.
Talea was very excited about this stroller and had her new baby in it several times, Talea is almost walking.
Heather, Talea and I headed off to the Farmers Market in Kalispell for a little break, however we ended up creating more work for ourselves. I was able to see my friend Mary who is 89 and still gardening, I have a special post I want to do just about her.

I was getting ready for the day and had all my jewelry spread on the bed, when Talea spotted this piece of turquoise bling, she knows what is cool. She will probably be our next fashion diva.
Talea knew just what to do with that bling, hold it close to your heart.
Papa Roger and Titus blowing off the driveway after it was all resurfaced, it turned out really nice.
This photo says it all, Titus was the winner of the Yahtzee game, he is highly competitive like his father so it is important for him to win. Yeah Titus.


  1. Great pictures of your wonderful family. I'm sure you wish they were closer. Good to see you last weekend. Hope to see you soon,

  2. great post. love the pictures! (I want to see more!) love the picture of Titus winning Yahtzee and I can totally hear Dad saying "yeah!" The driveway looks really good!

  3. What fun you must have had. I am sure you were sorry to leave as they were to see you go. Never enough time with our babies.

  4. Loved meeting your family Florence! The canning looks wonderful, you know I love stuff like that. I have an experimental pickle project going on as I type. And the cinnamon rolls look great.

  5. Florence --
    What a great time in Montana! My Montana crew is back home and the "real" Sammy Girl started 1st grade a week before labor day!! They grow up SO fast!
    If you cannot make it to Deepwood this Sunday, send me a mailing address .... didn't win the giveaway, but I have a little something for you to make you laugh ...
    Betty :)


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