Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Magic at Monticello

These tree toppers looked so beautiful all grouped together here. Be sure and check Monticello out, there is something for every one's taste at this antique mall. Currently they have some guest vendors who have added to their list of wonderful selections to choose from. I am not going to list them all because you can go to the Monticello blog and see a more complete list. Treat your self and take an adventure over to their location in Portland, Oregon.
There were stockings in all shapes and sizes to choose from.
We are seeing a lot of these clock faces being used in decorating, there have been some great ideas to incorporate them in the scheme of things.
Barn House Boys had this display with a lot of silver pots and this garland of fir cones, they brought a lot of the outdoors in, with their cool crisp display.
This pink wool snowman just adds the perfect touch to any decorating scheme, below it is some more vintage Christmas stockings.
This lined burlap makes me so ready for a trip to Paris, who knows maybe some day.
This setting seemed so serene, if you look close there is a roll of burlap cut up in to strips, I asked Sue if she cut them and she said yes, and I said, oh my you probably had a lot of fibers every where and she said yes, of course I had to buy some, save me the time and the mess. Thanks Sue. I also got some white alabaster balls from her to decorate with using some cedar boughs in a wood bowl.
This memory box complete with back ground scene of skating was complete with cream trees and a vintage deer or elk, yikes I remember them when I was a child. Does that mean I am vintage?
There are a lot of cream Christmas trees along with the green with some glitter to adorn them all.
These burlap stockings with their muslin cuffs were sure to go home with some one.
These chocolate reproduction molds were awesome, and of course I had to have one. I have a wonderful collection of chalk Santa's that were made from old chocolate molds from the past.
We are seeing a lot of these burlap and linen towels, I love how they have been stamped, some of them make me dream of that some day trip to France.
This silver angel adornment would be perfect for that special person to have an angel of protection in their home.
These linen towels make such great pillows, so clean and crisp.
I loved the simplicity of this stocking along with the fact it looked primitive.
These were just some of the treasures I brought home. Remember this Christmas Magic at Monticello goes through the 27th of December. Be sure and check it out.


  1. I went yesterday! Had so much fun!!!

  2. I enjoyed your show and tell pictures of the Monticello Magic so much. I would have loved to have been there for opening day, but there were too many miles between me and this wonderful destination. So thanks a bunch for sharing your photos!

    Beth of Salvage Studio

  3. Your pictures captured the magic as usual. My favs were the memory box and the 1880 stocking.
    Happy weekend,

  4. oooh I like all your treasures! cute!

  5. Soooo pretty! I love the pink snowman and the silver angel the most! Wonderful pics Florence! It was great to see you at Kathleen's and Joy's! Hope you had fun!


  6. Looks like you found, and saw some wonderful wonderful sights. Much love see you Saturday for angels.

  7. I can honestly say I love everything in every single photo!!! Oh how I wish I could go...right up my alley for sure!

    Those burlap stockings with the fabulous cuff are so wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing such great pics Florence!

    :) T

  8. Hi, sweetie!
    Great pics ... and reminds me of why I SHOULDN'T go again ... you know ... so many goodies to love and so little space to bring them home to! (brought an armload home the first time) But, maybe if I just go to look? ..... hmmm .... think I've told myself THAT story before!
    Hope you and Roger have a super holiday!
    Hugs -
    Betty :)

  9. Looks like you made out like a Christmas bandit!! Now I would love to see where you placed your lovely loot.


  10. thank you for taking us shopping with you!!!

  11. I missed the cresent moon. Did you get a dusting of snow?? We did it is cold. I am loving my blanket dear friend and the warmth from your visit. Did you hear they dropped line#31. Robin is safe, YEAH!

  12. Lovely. I am to far away to visit. But..thanks to your photos I get to share and be inspired. Thank-you. Merry Christmas!

  13. Florence~ I just had to stroll back to this post to tell you... in all the years I've lived in Vancouver WA I'm learning of sooo many places I've never been...including Monticello.
    It would be an amazing shopping experience. I would imagine Christmas would be especially fun.
    Although my hubby might not appreciate the
    smoldering skid marks left on our credit card, lol.
    Did you make it to the Lady Bug or Brush Prairie Bazaars? We were selling and did great at Prairie.

    You seem to adore Santa's like I do. I've got a large collection of him too. He's just so darn cute and looks like he enjoys good cooking like me, lol.

    Sweet wishes,


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