Sunday, December 6, 2009

Auntie Joy's Open House

I loved these snowman and thought about all my many friends that I have, I feel so totally blessed, I was at the Monticello Christmas show on Friday the 4th of December waiting in line to pay for some treasures I had found, where in front of me were some of my fellow bloggers, they asked me if I was going to Auntie Joy's Open House, I said I had considered it but was not sure. Well they convinced me I should go and to follow their car, that they had a couple of great places to show me on the way. Well I went and was not disappointed, Martha from Vintage Triffles was the leader along with Diane of Molly Mos, so off we went. Now I know how to get to Silverton, but we went a different way following Hwy 99, in order to make the two stops before Auntie Joys. Arriving at Auntie Joys put you right in the holiday spirit, her house was beautiful and I marveled at all the work she had done to get ready for everyone. I am going to share some of the photos I took inside her house I hope you will enjoy them.
Here is myself, Betty and Patty taking a moment to pose for a picture.
This is a closer view of the table with little refreshment for us all to enjoy, the tree in the front and back are made of some type of wax, I know I have a beeswax tree like the one in the front of the picture.
This was probably one of my most favorite trees at Joys, however I did like them all. This one really was captured in the mirror giving a great dimensional effect.
The dinning room table was set ready for holiday entertaining, Joy had a number of different textures going here, which really brought it all together, it was very pretty.
There were mirrors to reflect the beauty that was all around you.
This room is a spare quest room and office I believe, it was set up with a twin antique bed just waiting for some one to take a cozy nap on.
Every where you looked, you were in awe of what you were seeing, such inspiration to get going on my own holiday decorating.
The fire place mantel close up to see some of the detail, enjoy!
Even this mannequin was all decked out for the holidays.

After enjoying all the wonder beauty in the house I was off to the shop to check out the great treasures to be found.This angel bird bath was in a special serene setting complete with white feathered angel wings waiting to go home with some one.
These cow girl boots come with a fancy lace dress and fir coat, quiet fitting for the holiday season I think.

I have been seeing a lot of silver, either shinny or matte this year in the decorating theme along with burlap accents. My drive home was fine, however I took the route I knew well since it was dark, I kept watching the temperature on my car as I was concerned about black ice, but I made it home just fine. The afternoon turned out to be a wonderful adventure, I was glad I went as the next day we had some icy roads up my way, and I do not venture out on them. I will post on my visit to Monticello next, check out their blog to see what is happening there and the latest updates.


  1. Hi Florence,
    As usual your pictures are great! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  2. Florence --
    Was SO MUCH FUN to see you on Friday! Glad you made it home safe -- driving in the dark with the threat of ice is no fun! Come summertime we'll have to go out the back roads ... lots of great sales and hidden treasures in the Willamette Valley!!
    Betty :)

  3. Florence,
    I am so glad you came to the Open House. It is always so much fun to see everyone and have everything all ready for Christmas. I love when it is done and friends come to visit. Getting to that place is not as much fun, but so worth the effort!
    I also feel blessed to have so many sweet friends that I have met in this business.
    Love and JOY!

  4. Hi Florence , I'm so glad I ran into you at Monticello. Thanks for enduring the wait in the long line , you all were such troopers. Hope to see you soon , Sue

  5. Love that Frenchie shelf! So cute. You guys look like you had a blast. I met Joy for the first time at the cookie party---she is a hoot! I really enjoyed her.
    Hope to see you at some upcoming events!

  6. Florence, you always get to do all the fun stuff lol! But I'm sure glad you take that camera along so that I can see what you're doing! Karen

  7. Lovely Post my friend. Wish I were enjoying these trips with you, Glad you got home safe as it is quite frozen here. Love the mantel picture with the little trees. did you get to The Withies?

  8. I would call your meeting providential! It was fun to go along with you.


  9. You always know about the good sales! I love seeing your pictures ;)

  10. Hey buddy,
    Julie's post made me laugh. I am thinking we need to sneak off to a SPA soon and have our feet rubbed by Patrick Duffy, Gerard Butler(my fav) or something crazy like that. Your measurement request made me smile. Have a great day.

  11. Wow! Such pretty pictures! The one with the mirror reflections is -gorgeous-! Very talented you are!

    Christmas Hugs,


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