Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beach Retreat on The Oregon Coast

A trip to the beach was what all these sister hood girls needed. Robin and I went down early, with Nancy and Lola to follow. Our dear friend Judy stayed home to take care of her ill husband, something I know each one of us would do without hesitation. The weather proved to be beautiful. A little shopping, a stroll on the beach, a movie at the beach house, was all that was needed for this group of women. We are all so grateful to Robin for opening her family beach house for us to enjoy. Robin and I were on an adventure on our route to the Oregon Coast.
Our first stop on our route was at a shop called Sleighbells, I have always wanted to stop there, but usually we are on a mission to just get to the beach, I was really surprised at how awesome it was, it is a Christmas tree farm with this great shop. My understanding it is really busy during the Christmas season, I could see why.
This Christmas shop had more Christmas decorations than I have ever seen before. I just kept saying, "wow" it just keeps going and going.
A area that was all Americana, right up my alley, since I tend to like anything with flags on it.
There was a tea shop inside the shop, a great place to go for tea some day.
We stopped at a couple of quilt shops along the way, this is a view from the inside of the quilt shop you see in the next photo. Our beautiful Willamette Valley in Oregon in the back ground.
On our route to the beach, Robin and I stopped at this Quilt shop the "The Quilted Hill" we both went home with some great treasures from here.
This sign says it all "Welcome to the Beach House" The Miles family has lovingly opened their home to our sister hood group.
This beach home was like looking through Coastal Living or a Country Living magazine, Robin and Art did a great job putting it all together.
This kitchen was very spacious for entertaining, lots of light shining in.
This was my room, I told Robin that I felt like a princess in here, it was so beautiful. Thank you for letting me stay in this room, it was perfect.
Come and sit away and enjoy the ambiance of this room.
This is where all the grandchildren get to sleep when they come down to the beach to play.
The master bedroom was beautiful fit for a queen, Robin has a great view of the ocean from her room.
Robin on the left was our host for the weekend, she is here with Nancy from our sister hood group.
These little bunny boxes came home with each of us, along with some other wonderful Easter goodies, thank you everyone.
What a great weekend for a beach getaway with special friends.
My quilt got its finishing touches while I was at the beach, now it is ready to provide some warmth. Yeah!
This sister hood knows how to share the happiness. Thanks Robin for having us to your lovely beach home.
I love this photo and this verse "You are the light of the world. Let your light shine out for all to see." We can all be his light shining through us through our actions and good deeds.


  1. What a lovely home she has. Looks like you gals had a super time! I've often wondered about that Christmas Shop.

  2. Do take time for tea next time. It's a great experience. Sleighbells has to be seen to be believed, who knew they even made that many different Christmas ornaments and trims. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.

  3. Oh, it sounds like a wonderful weekend...!!! Sleighbells is only a couple of miles from where I live!!!!

  4. I am finally home and getting to catch up on what everyone has been up to. Looks like you had a great time. I will be going to the Oregon Coast the next 2 weekends!

  5. What a great beach house@!!!
    Hope you had a great time.
    Missing ya

  6. Hi Florence! A trip to the beach sounds like a fabulous getaway!!! And to be able to stop at great shops along the way, even better! Glad you had a good time...

    :) T

  7. Since I can only occasionally get so far south, your blog lets me vicariously enjoy all your many escapes . . . thanks for sharing!


  8. Wow~ what a great place for a get away!! Thank you for sharing your trip. I love Christmas shops and that looks like a great one. We get to spend a week in Lincoln City this July for a family reunion...I can hardly wait!

  9. Florence~ I've never been to Sleigh Bells, but it does remind me of the Santa's Shop in Lincoln city.
    I would love to visit Sleigh Bells and lunch at the tea shop.
    The beach house was so charming...the perfect spot for a getaway with the girlfriends.

    Having just had surgery on my tootsies, I could use some time recouping at the beach.

    Sweet wishes,

  10. Florence, I love your blogsite. I found my wayhere through anothers.. Is'nt blog hopping fun? I Am headed to Rockaway Beach May meet with mysisters & mom for a girls week.. & cCelebrate Mom's day.. I have added your site to those I follow & invite you to drop by mine. say Howdy and return often..Looks like we share a lot of same interests being a farmgirl...cheryl

  11. oh i love a trip to the beach with girlfriends! the road trip (even if it is only 2 hours or less) is some of the best time spent with a sweet sister.

  12. Did I miss something? Where was this place at the beach? What a beautiful place to go! My husband and I just took a road trip last weekend way down the coast, celebrating #25!! I'm so far behind on blogging; we've had SOME non-rainy days lol. Hope to see you soon, my friend! Karen


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