Saturday, April 3, 2010

New sightings at The Queen of Tarte

Easter was in the air along with spring as you can see in this photo. The person who made these delightful treasures here and the next two photos is Kelly, she is not a blogger yet, but brought some great talent to the show. I arrived an hour after the show opened and missed out on a lot of great things, a good lesson learned, Creating a different look to the Queen of Tarte Barn is some times breath taking, you tend to walk around and around in ah!
This bunny came home with me, inside the pearls is some bling.
My weakness for egg nests and feathers, except this time these eggs are glittered.
Easter party favors to take home, what a great idea.
This piece of architecture is awesome, I wish I had a place for it, Cindy has a way of bringing in such great pieces to decorate with.
The letter "M" I am all about that letter since my last name is MUMA, love that metal chair too, I could have a whole collection of them.
This apron was adorable, just the right amount of accents.
Laundry any one? Love those linen towels in the back ground, don't you?
This wine rack was awesome, if I had a place for it I would have been interested in it. The daffodils add the finishing touch of spring.
This setting was very inviting, I just missed the chandeliers that were hung above them, it made you want to sit awhile and enjoy the ambiance.
My friend Natalie and myself, she makes the best cakes that have blessed us all many times, she is also been dubbed the Queen of The Primitives. She is a very special person that I have gotten to know this last year. Thank you for your friendship. You can find some of her special treats this month at the Queen of Tarte Sale on Saturday April 24th, don't miss out.


  1. Thanks for some yummy photos!
    I have to get myself over there....soon!
    Easter greetings

  2. Hey you! How've you been? I can see you're still getting all over to the sales! What fun! Great photo of you and Natalie, too! I miss seeing everyone! I'm hoping to get up there in your neighborhood soon. My friend of 44 years I just found out moved up to Vancouver, so that is another reason to go your direction lol! Have a wonderful Easter! Thanks for posting all the photos so I can see what I'm missing ;-)

  3. Im looking forward to going to one of these sales soon!

  4. Looks like there were some great things there.

    Happy Easter to you and yours!

  5. It looked gorgeous there. Kicking myself for not going! Will I see at the Barn House show in May?

  6. Nice...I luv the nest & glittered eggs!

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  8. Florence~ where can I find directions to the Queen of Tarte sale?

    Sweet wishes,

  9. Hey Miss Florence!!
    Sending lotsa hugs your way! Fun pics of the sale .. and you and Natalie. Looking forward to seeing you soon. (Who knows when we'll bump into each other .... well, not LITERALLY, as that would hurt, but you know what I mean!)Hope you are having a fabulous week ...
    Betty :)
    ps ... flying to get my Montana babies soon ... one more time before they are FLORIDA babies! hee hee!

  10. OHHHHHHH, so awesome! Sorry I had to miss, it looks breathtaking! Cindy is amazing.


  11. What an amazing place...I could be lost for days in there.

  12. So beautiful! What a delight to look at. xo Lidy

  13. oh it's so great to see yours and natalies smiling faces! Looks like I missed another great one...
    xoxo, Tiffany

  14. Florence, it was a delight to meet you at the barn. Thank you for the beautiful photos of my glittery creatives. I am thrilled that "Ms. Bunny" has found a home with you!
    I hope to see you at the Queen of Tarte event next weekend....been working away on "Paris".
    Until then, Kelli
    PS: I did start a blog but ohhhhh so elementary at this point, everything is a work in progress.


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