Monday, May 3, 2010

April in Paris at our own Queen of Tarte

April in Paris was the theme for Queen of Tarte's sale in April, it would not disappoint anyone. The weather was perfect, the friends to see was special. Most certainly the treasures to take home were perfect. Don't miss Cindy's next sale, she will be at The Barn House on the 8th of May and then back at the barn on the 22nd of May with many surprises I am sure.
Tissue flowers gave you the feel of spring time in Paris.
The vignette's were priceless. Cindy has a way of putting it all together.
Some great architecture for out side.
Beautiful setting here, the candles reflect such ambiance light, don't you think?

This vignette was very inviting, don't you think?
I loved how the light shined on these pieces of glass.
Do you remember the architecture pieces I have told you about before that Cindy seems to find. Wow!
Love these ruffles, don't you?
These treasures were made by Kelly, she provided us with some great accents to adorn our gifts and homes. Thank you Kelly.
A towel fit for a queen.
A beautiful pin cushion. Love those ribbon roses.
Isabel provided these palmiers for us to enjoy, oh how I wanted to try one. In the mean time I will just enjoy the eye candy.
Cindy and Natalie who both brought the theme of this sale together beautifully.

Natalie provided us with these yummy treasures to purchase to take home. My husband said the lemon bars were delicious. Thanks Natalie.
This chocolate cake home with me for my family, fit for a princess.
Lisa and I sharing some great visiting here. We were decked out in our pink for this event. Remember this Saturday is The Barn House Opening for this years events. You won't want to miss out. Also Vintage Gathering has their sale this Saturday as well, be sure to check them both out.


  1. Love your pictures of Tarte's Paris. And thank you for the plug for A Vintage Gathering on Sat.

  2. okay, NOW i'm putting myself in *eye candy detox!* LOL. such beautiful and inspiring things. thank you for sharing. :)

  3. I will be glad to see you Saturday!!!

  4. I so hope to see you Saturday! We are getting there a bit later in the day but maybe you'll still be there as there's always so much to see and so many to visit with :0)

  5. I just love Cindy, she is such a creative talent! Can't be at Barn House, or Vintage Gatherings Saturday (my blog explains it). You go and get pictures!!

  6. Hello Florence~ I have to say everything was befitting a queen, especially those luscious cakes! Does Natalie have a web shop or blog?
    I would have purchased a few cakes for my family and friends. We had a house full of guests over the weekend. It was definitely a B&B week.

    what a wonderful prelude to Mom's Day it would be to attend the Barn House event.

    Sweet wishes,

  7. Great pictures Florence! I felt like I was there... See you Saturday! Laurie


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