Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vintage Gathering and Beyond

A Vintage Gathering Flea Market in our own Battle Ground, Washington would not disappoint. These women have put together a great show for all. They coincide their sale with the Barn House Sale, allowing for a great day for shopping. Next sale is July 31st, so save your dollars, between Barn House and Vintage Gathering, there will be some serious shopping happening. You won't want to miss out.
These sweet plates I bought from Michelle of My Shabby Passion, Michelle is one of the sweetest people I know. I remember last year I saw her at Farm Chicks, she had flown over to go to the sale, and had to buy some vintage suitcases to haul all her treasures home, a true vintage treasure finder, I am thinking, how about you?
Here is Annette and I, Annette has Andy's Attic, she had a space here and sales at Uncovered Ruby, you'll want to check out her finds.
This beach chair says summer all over.
The bold crisp colors were very prevalent here at this sale, something for every one's taste.
Wow look at that red. So clean and crisp, perfect for a vintage camper or just camping, don't you think?
This table setting says Vintage all the way. I think back to the late 60's and early 70's and that was the colors we were all using. Oh the memories.
Lisa and I sharing some treasures, it was so nice to meet her mom, I wish my mom could go to some of these sales with me, I can just hear the stories she might tell me, "I remember that old thing" and my dad would say "what on earth do you want that thing for?" Sometimes I feel like I feel the history of a piece that I might buy, it becomes a treasure to me.
After leaving the Vintage Gathering sale, I headed to Camas to the Downtown Garden Fair, there was lots of plants to be seen and great friends. I did not come home with any plants yet, just because of the weather and the higher elevation I live at, sometimes causes you to loose some of those great plants if you plant too early. Patience is the name of that game. Not easy for me however.
Loved this quilt, it says flower garden all the way, what a refreshing space this was.
Do you remember when the farm girls did this very same stone stamping, some how I think this person has it down really well.
Not only were there plants but anything that was garden related, as you can see by this photo. If you are looking for a place to go treasure hunting Queen of Tarte is having her monthly sale this Saturday the 22nd, check out her blog for more info. Next post Funky Junk Sisters Sale. What fun we farm girls had.


  1. Florence, you always amaze me with your pictures from every venue around!! Where do you find the time to go to all these places? Wish I could have gotten to the Camas sale---looks like there were some goodies.

  2. That was a beautiful day wasn't it!!!
    Blessings my friend

  3. Thanks for the great report, pictures, and such sweet words about our sale. It is always
    so great to see you with a smile on your face!
    I think you missed your should be a reporter of vintage sales, and flea markets! Now, that would be a fun job! Maybe "Flea Market Style" magazine needs another reporter?! See ya at the next sale!

  4. I've been missing so much! I really need to get my blog updated, too. I wanted so badly to go the sales last weekend, but our family went camping. I'm so glad you gave a report on all the great stuff, I see a lot of neat things, love the red! Hope to see you sometime soon my friend! Karen

  5. Glad I will see you up north at the farm chicks. Have a wonderful Holiday weekend.
    Julie, ps I may see you at the garage sales :)

  6. I'm glad you made it to the shop! I hope we'll have more time to chat at farm chicks, but I know it will be crazy busy! If I look dazed and confused when you come by just slap me silly!:)

  7. Oh-La-La.....that quilt is a Dresden plate quilt. Looks really nice. Someday I want to make one of those.

    Those cement bricks are simple to make. We will do it this summer and you will soon be a pro!

  8. Just stoped by to enjoy!!!!! Have a great time at "Farm Chicks" Julie

  9. Thought for sure we would run into each other at the sales. Boy were there alot!!!
    Got some great things, how about you?
    Safe travels and I will see you Saturday :)


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