Friday, June 4, 2010

Farm Girls Journey to The Funky Junk Sisters Sale Part 2

With great expectations these Farm Girls were not disappointed with The Funky Junk Sisters Sale, you will see below many photos that were taken, to capture the memory of what we would see, along with the treasures we all brought home.
I have fallen in love with this style of mannequin, I think I need to save my dollars and buy one.

This bike just makes me want to go on a special picnic. How about you?

I loved this mix of textures of burlap and lace, how about you?
This dress so reminds me of the prom dresses from my senior high days.

I know how much fun it is to dress these girls up, it is like playing dolls, only now we are all grown ups.
There was so much eye candy, and it was hard to keep track of who's booth was who's, so please for give me for not giving credit for which vendor was with which photo. Just enjoy.
I bought a sweet necklace from Linda "LuLu" she has such great talent.
My friend Linda, also known as LuLu, I love her honesty and how she just says it as it is.
Check out this mannequin with all her bling. How fun.
I have such a weakness for anything that depicts the ocean or beach. How about you?
I learned something new about Sumner, Washington, it is considered the Rhubarb capital of the world. Wow. I did find some reproductions labels at a antique mall for Rhubarb. That was pretty cool. Recipes and all.
Saturday we made the trip to Sumner to check out the shops we kept hearing about, it would not disappoint us. I found this sign, how appropriate it would be for me, since my line of work is skin care. It didn't come home with me however.
This apron on this mannequin was darling, here is Farm Girl Katy, I think she liked the apron too.
A visit to The Country Store proved to be a wonderful treat for us Farm girls.

This is one of the treasures that I bought at Funky Junk. Now Frances has a friend.
This sweet egg carton came from Farm Girl Robin, complete with seedlings. What a surprise to see one of my note cards she had purchased from me a long time ago. Thank you Robin.


  1. You are so good at capturing the feel of these shows that one almost doesn't need to go...just wait for the pictures. Saves money, too. :>)

  2. Love reading about your travels to all the shows! Great pictures too. Hopefully I can make to some of the shows this summer to see everything in person.


  3. Hello Florence~I've been busy with visiting family. Summer weather may not be upon us, but the summer guests are.
    I did take time to sneak out of the kitchen (from time to time) to see what you'd been up to.
    It's nice to finally have time to chat.
    Eye candy indeed! I love how generous you are to share your travels with us. I take in each and every detail.
    Can't wait to see where you're going next.

    Sweet wishes,

  4. The last picture with the eggs really captivated me. How sweet!

  5. We survived my friend!!!
    It was good to see you.
    Your special :)

  6. I was hoping you would enjoy receiving one of your beautiful cards! We had so much fun, thanks for sharing all the cool places. I'm loving all the treasures I came home with. Hugs...;)

  7. Great is fun to see what others see, great blog.

  8. Hi Florence - I was so glad you stopped by!! I love all the mannequins as well . . . all shapes and sizes . . . but I agree with you - the dress form one above is one of my favorite styles as well - simple . . . yet classic!! . . . :) liz

  9. I'm so glad I discovered your blog. What fun you must have had. I love all the bling of the jewelry, I would have been soooooo broke after leaving many of those booths... Thanks for taking us along.. hugs ~lynne~
    p.s. definetly going to follow your wonderful blog. :-))

  10. Aw Florence your pictures are so fun to look at! I'm so glad you finally made it to the store and to Sumner, I just wish I wasn't always so busy at these shows so I could stop and get to chat with you. Next time for sure!
    p.s thanks for the nice pics and the shout out!


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