Monday, August 9, 2010

Farm Girls Create Monet's Garden

The Farm Girls gathered on June 19, 2010 to create their own Monet Garden. I was the host, thinking of things that we could do that was easy and to help lift our spirits as the weather had been so rainy and drizzly, we were all hoping for a sea of garden flowers to lift our spirits.
Robin and Erin conversing on how these Monet flowers are going to come together.
Erin showing her crafty talent.
Katy is pressing her strips here to create her fabric flowers.
Katy and Erin, what a great photo of these two.
Love this photo of Robin.
Katy smitten with her scarf and leigh that Erin brought back from Hawaii.
Sharing our journal pages from our last time getting together, along with treasures is part of our gathering. Our bond continues to grow and we are all so blessed from it. Thank you Farm Girls.
Our Farm girl meal included: chicken ceaser salad, flower shaped scones provided by Erin along with all sorts of savories: like biscotti, brownies, rose petal cake to indulge in after our meal. To go along with our scones we had lavender blackberry jalapeno jelly.
Our desert was raspberry sorbet made by Robin, and Lavender shortbread cookies made by Katy. This was the perfect ending to our day.
Fast forward to the present day August 9, 2010, with the warmth of the sun my yard has finally created her own Monet garden. Thank you for giving me a sea of welcoming happy faces. Enjoy the journey.
These foxgloves have lovingly been harvest from roadsides and gently scattered through out my gardens. My husband likes to call them "sals ears". He will say" who would want them in your yard?" Well of course I do!
This pink rose arbor is the first to bloom in the summer, along with this rose is a clematis, that likes to show its appearance first.
Hydrangea, one of three that I have.
A blend of iron and soft daisies, what a great contrast of textures.
Honeysuckle, sweet smelling and so vibrant and hardy.
These sweet peas were gathered as seed on the banks of the Columbia River near White Salmon, Washington, while on an adventure with my best friend, Erin many years ago.
Yellow roses, um my wedding flowers were yellow roses and white daisies, no wonder I have to have them in my garden.
Pink roses one of my favorites, the fairy rose by far is the most prized by me, as they dry so nicely. However when it comes to roses they are all my favorites.
The name of the blue flower has left me, great front drop to the daisy,don't you think?
Day lily, I have an abundant of these, thanks to many friends. You can actually put them in a salad and eat them.
Mullein or Verbascum, some people would call this a weed, but I lovingly harvested it from the wild and planted it in my garden. In herbal medicine it is used for the lungs.
A perfect blend of daisies, lavender, sweet peas and roses. To come home to this sanctuary is so rewarding for all the hard work that goes into it.


  1. Florence, was that blue flower False Indigo, or Lupine??? I think it was the indigo, but not sure. Sounds like your farmgirls had a great time! We have a very special meeting planned this coming Saturday, complete with a very special (VERY SPECIAL) guest, but it's a secret for right now. Check out our blot after Saturday and you can find out for yourself! Becky

  2. Looks like you farmgirls had a great time together. Hoe to see you at Clayson Farm and at Molly Mo's

  3. Florence your yard is simply beautiful! And the monet flowers you girls made were very very cool! The food didn't look too bad either(if you ever have leftovers send
    'em my way ;-) you!

  4. now those are some SWEET, SWEET pincushions! adore them. what a great menu and everything looks so inviting and delicious. ya'll know how to have a great time....and all that talent. yay!

    fab flowers.

  5. Florence your gardens are lovely. The hand made and the hand planted. I love that you gather things from the side of the road for your garden. You must have great dirt to make it all grow so well.

  6. You girls have such fun and are so creative!!!
    Hope to see you in Yakima

  7. Oh boy do I wish you were my farm chick neighbor! Beautiful blog. I'm following and will have much fun looking around more!

  8. Now this post speaks to my heart. I couldn't agree more in hard work paying off and really enjoying the fruits of your labor. Way to go! Looks like lots of fun with the ladies too, girl friends are the best.


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