Sunday, June 20, 2010

Memorial Day 2010 Some Serious Catching Up

Memorial day found us at the beach staying with some friends, on our agenda was some serious garage selling and a big 60th birthday celebration for Roger. We have made it a tradition to go to the beach this weekend so that we can hit the garage sales, I am the one at wheel, Lola in the front and the guys in the back. The guys did not score so much this year, but us girls did pretty good. We have lots of memories of our garage selling with lots of laughs, I will just say backing into a stop sign was a highlight, with my heavy car no damage, and lucky for me a city worker came out of his home and put the sign back up, telling us that they don't put them in the ground very deep anyway. Whew!
After garage selling all day, it is nice to come back home to the beach house and just cool it.My friend Lola and I always have to have some to work on, so what better time to work on some hand sewing.
Roger gets to enjoy the coziness of this quilt after the binding was finished.
I really hit the jack pot here I bought five different seltzer bottles from a dealer at a garage sale, it always amazes me when I get exposed to something it just snow balls, they just seem to present themselves to me all over the place. I had already bought two seltzer bottles earlier this year at lot higher cost, so this was a bonus. I also found lots of little smalls too.
I found two crinolines, I could not pass them up one was white and one was yellow, you don't want to know how much I paid, almost free!
Happy Fathers day to this Papa Roger, a new generation of little ones to enjoy and carry on the love of reading. Happy Fathers Day to my dad. Love you lots. More posts to come, I have gotten myself behind. I have Farm Chicks and a great visit to Montana to share.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Farm Girls Journey to The Funky Junk Sisters Sale Part 2

With great expectations these Farm Girls were not disappointed with The Funky Junk Sisters Sale, you will see below many photos that were taken, to capture the memory of what we would see, along with the treasures we all brought home.
I have fallen in love with this style of mannequin, I think I need to save my dollars and buy one.

This bike just makes me want to go on a special picnic. How about you?

I loved this mix of textures of burlap and lace, how about you?
This dress so reminds me of the prom dresses from my senior high days.

I know how much fun it is to dress these girls up, it is like playing dolls, only now we are all grown ups.
There was so much eye candy, and it was hard to keep track of who's booth was who's, so please for give me for not giving credit for which vendor was with which photo. Just enjoy.
I bought a sweet necklace from Linda "LuLu" she has such great talent.
My friend Linda, also known as LuLu, I love her honesty and how she just says it as it is.
Check out this mannequin with all her bling. How fun.
I have such a weakness for anything that depicts the ocean or beach. How about you?
I learned something new about Sumner, Washington, it is considered the Rhubarb capital of the world. Wow. I did find some reproductions labels at a antique mall for Rhubarb. That was pretty cool. Recipes and all.
Saturday we made the trip to Sumner to check out the shops we kept hearing about, it would not disappoint us. I found this sign, how appropriate it would be for me, since my line of work is skin care. It didn't come home with me however.
This apron on this mannequin was darling, here is Farm Girl Katy, I think she liked the apron too.
A visit to The Country Store proved to be a wonderful treat for us Farm girls.

This is one of the treasures that I bought at Funky Junk. Now Frances has a friend.
This sweet egg carton came from Farm Girl Robin, complete with seedlings. What a surprise to see one of my note cards she had purchased from me a long time ago. Thank you Robin.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Farm Girls Journey to The Funky Junk Sisters Sale Part I

The Farm Girls decided to stay closer to home this year, so we went to The Funky Junk Sisters Sale in Puyallup, Washington on May 14th and 15th. Like all adventures I take these girls on I have a itinerary of where we will stop along the way. Erin was unable to go with us, as she went to Hawaii for her daughter's wedding. She was very missed and thought about the whole time. We started early with stops in Chehallis to a quilt shop, then on to Galvin, of which Roger and I discovered a few years ago when that area of Centralia flooded so badly, we had taken a car load of donations to a fellow farm girls home to help with the flood victims. Following the country roads we came upon this great little antique gas station with vintage equipment. What a eye candy for us all. From there we went to Tumwater to a garden that I have visited for years, it is called the Fairie Herb Garden, a must garden to check out. I love to try to get there at least three times during the growing season. Some great plants came home with us all.
Katy and Robin standing in front of this old gas station in Galvin.
How many of you have heard stories on how trucks would haul ice to the homes to provide coldness for the ice box refrigerators?
These vintage gas pumps just make us feel in ah over the old days.
No adventure for the Farm Girls is complete with out a stop at a Quilt shop. This shop is in Chehallis, Washington, it is called Sisters Quilt Shop and is one of my favorites to visit when heading north towards Seattle. Here is Robin and I, getting our memory picture where we have been on our journey.
Arriving at the Funky Junk Sisters Sale, in the parking lot were four travel trailers owned by some Sisters On The Fly, all decorated to the "T" each with their own personality. These Farm Girls were doing a lot of dreaming of the same day. With Farm Girl Katy at the helm we could pull one of these to adventures. Ummmm, I see some Farm Girls dreaming.
This trailer was definitely fit for a princess, all that pink and aqua colors, Loved it!
Love this table setting, look close at that martini glass, that is one serious drinking glass.
How about a little fishing on this adventure for these Sisters On The Fly? Below you will see some of the views we got to indulge in. How much fun do you think these girls are having?

I would say these Sisters On The Fly know how to make their traveling homes really special for each other. Stay tuned for part two of this journey for the Farm Girls to The Funky Junk Sisters Sale.