Saturday, January 1, 2011

Celebrating The Holidays

The Muma household was all decked out for the holidays, I love this time of the year, as soon as I walk in my home after being gone all day, the holiday lights go on, jammies next and then just ahhhh comes into play. I will leave everything up until the end of January, as I have several activities in January of which I love to share with my family and friends. Enjoy the view!
These lights went on the weekend before Thanksgiving to be ready for turning on Thanksgiving night.
A wind storm came in with 66 mile an hour winds, so I had to re-think my sidewalk area, as I lost a lantern holder, that held three lanterns due to the storm. Change is good, it gets the creativity flowing.

I have chosen to have a tall slim tree, love it, it is artificial and works really well for us. I add some fresh greens to bring out the Christmas smells.

As you can see I lean towards a more primitive theme in my decorating, that carries on to my table as well.
My holiday dishes came from Meir and Frank many years ago, this was my first time using plate chargers, I am thinking that I really like this look. How about you?
We always get a family shot at the table, it was so nice to be able to have all the kids at our same table, a small group for us this year. Heather and Jason came earlier in the month, to avoid the holiday travel snarls, that always seems to happen. We missed them dearly, you'll see later in this post, how we were able to see them on that day after all.

Here we are using my lap top with skpe, talking with Heather and her family while they are in Montana and we are here in Brush Prairie, Washington. The technology so amazes me.
Jordan and I sharing some olive time.
Each one of my girls received one of these from me, now we all have one.
Jennifer and Julie enjoying some down time, what were they talking about? Secrets? This is a really good photo of them together.
My son-in-law Jeremy enjoying some I- phone time, notice the log cabin quilt, it is one I made over 12 years ago, it is one of my favorites.
A little wine and some candle ambiance. Um!
I love receiving Christmas cards and most certainly send them out, that is close to 100 of them, it has been a tradition since I got married 39 years ago. Do you keep up that tradition?

A silver angel, a gift from a friend, she adorned my tree perfectly.
Love this heart with all it's sparkle.

Now is the time for some relaxing and enjoying some tea. Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. Just lovely and everything looks beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful New Year too. You have a beautiful family.

  2. It all looks very beautiful Florence! It feels cozy and comfy clear from my house lol! Happy New Year! Karen

  3. Happy New Year, Florence. Your home looks so warm and inviting and your family is lovely.

  4. Florance, glad you had a good time with your family. It is sad taking the decorations down glad you can enjoy them for one more month.
    Have a good 2011!

  5. Florence, I think it's so great that you choose to keep your holiday decor up for another whole month. It all looks so wonderful, and magical!

  6. Thanks for sharinig. Looks 'warm and cozy' as I always imagine home to be. We missed you guys so much, but the skype sure helped! Maybe next year you and dad can travel to a Montana Christmas????

  7. Beautifully decorated! I was rather lame this year, just a tree and a wreath.

  8. Looks like you had a grand holiday, Florence. Happy New Year and thanks so much for being a *frequent flyer* on Ormolulu!

    ~ Debi

  9. Not only beautiful...but warm and cozy. I would love to curl up on your couch. I hope your new year is just as wonderful.

  10. adore the beautiful Christmas decor, but family around a table....priceless! does jordan like to put those olives on fingers?

    great post.

  11. Florence your home is absolutely beautiful and so inviting! I love the picture of you holding Jordan, family is so precious. Lisa ;-)


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