Monday, January 17, 2011

Farm Girls Frolic With The Snowmen

Mary Jane Farm Girls got together at my home on Saturday, Jan 8th to frolic with the snowmen. We were missing one of our member's Erin, she was away, hoping to be with us for our next gathering in February. I have left some of my Christmas up through the month of January so I can share the magic with my friends and family. One would think I would be tired of it by now, not really. There is just something magical about all those twinkling lights, don't you think?
A must for us Farm Girls, when we can get it, we get a group shot, here we have myself, Robin and Katy.
Katy made this quilt, I am so proud of her. We love to share our projects that we have been working on. After sharing our journal pages and apron stories, it was time for lunch before we started our creating.
Snowman plates and mugs complete this theme for the Farm Girls luncheon.

Our lunch menu included black bean soup from Bob's Red Mill that Katy made, a spinach, walnut, cranberry salad, cherry sparkling cider to drink, pumpkin muffins from Robin.
Pumpkin muffins from Farm Girl Robin.
Desert was easy, a pumpkin souffle from Trader Joe's with some whip, a special treat.
These snowmen heads were ready for making snowmen bodies, creating our own little snowmen to adorn our winter decorations. I think half of the fun for me is the gathering the supplies to make our projects, oh so much fun. The next few photos show you what we had to work with.
Lots and lots of pearls, special hand made carrot nose's from Erin.

Robin and Katy having fun putting their snowmen together.
Our finished snowman jars, I think they turned out quite whimsical, don't you?
We do a gift exchange, trying to keep it simple and of course from the heart. I found these initial labels at pottery barn, a perfect accent to the bag. With us all thinking about our fall harvest, we definitely like to share our bountiful blessings, with jams, jellies, muffins, gift tags, a vanilla bean to make our own vanilla extract, a sugar hand scrub rounded out our treasures received. Thank you to you my Farm Girls, I feel so blessed.
I made all the girls, homemade elderberry jelly and a medley syrup to go over their Bob's organic pancake and waffle mix, yummy and healthy all at once.
Robin sharing her new pincushion I made these Farm Girls, the base is a galvanized jar lid, the fabric is wool, accented with wool flowers.
Katy and Robin sharing their new Christmas aprons.
Katy and I showing off our new Christmas aprons from Robin, Robin said she got these from Uncovered Ruby in Battle Ground, Washington.
Myself holding some gift tags from Farm Girl Robin, one of our next projects for our gathering in February.
Robin holding her new flour sack towel from Bob's Red Mill. Don't you just love the feel of a good dish towel? We are all looking forward to our next gathering in February, not only will it be for Valentines Day, but our two year anniversary of getting together, truly I am blessed. I hope you have some special friends to share your creativity with.


  1. Oh my goodness Florence! That looks like so much fun! I would love to do something like that someday. I adore those snowmen. How cute! What a wonderful gathering......

  2. You gals have such good fun together. Love the snowmen you made this time. Two years of special memories coming up!! Women friends really round out our lives, don't they?

  3. Thank you for sharing your Farm Girls gathering. I feel like I was a part of your group for the day. I hope to find a group to join one of these days. The snowmen are so cute!

  4. Looks like fun! What kind of creating shall we do when you come for your visit....?

  5. Wow I wish I could come, what a bunch of fun and what yummy looking food. So glad you shared.

  6. Your parties look like so much fun!! Thank you Florence for your sweet words. You are a doll. Hope we run into each other more this year!


  7. What a wonderful time you girls have! It all looks so beautiful. What fun, just seeing all the crafty goodness you got to delve into! Have a nice winter, but you don't get too long Florence, it's gonna be spring on February 15th. I'll give it that long for winter lol. Love ya, Karen

  8. You girls always have so much fun!!!
    Love that quilt

  9. What a blessing to have such good girl friends! Looks like so much fun..
    Lisa ;-)

  10. looks like ya'll had a wonderful time!!!! good friends = happy life. :)


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