Saturday, March 19, 2011

Montana In The Winter

I headed to the Montana mountains for my lone visit to Heather's. I went February 17th through the 22nd, flying this time, much faster! This is our one on one time, with out PaPa, (whom I must say felt slighted) I held strong and said it was my time. We had lots of plans, some crafting as you will see, a little shopping, a little chai at a Montana Coffee shop and just time hanging out.
Snow was still hanging out here. It did not keep us from going out and walking, the first night it was a bit treacherous in the dark and not knowing where the ice was, thus a slower walk for me. I would make up for it on Sunday walking in the day light doing a 15 min. mile at 3000ft elevation and 18 degrees, not bad for this 60 year old grandma, I would say.
One of my projects that I had brought along was to start another quilt, I had finished the hand sewing of the binding on my log cabin quilt, so I was off to a new one. I had purchased a layer cake which was 42 ten inch squares, my project called for 35, that said and with questions from Heather, I knew it was time for her to tackle her first quilt, making this a very proud momma.
Ok I can do this, part of good quilting is accurate cutting.
Heather begins her process of putting her squares together to look perfect for her quilt.
You can see by her expression, she is a little nervous, but she did an awesome job.
One row done, excellent seams, Perfecto!!!! Accurate---Wow!
Lots more confidence at the machine, she has it down good.
With a perfect patchwork square, I said, "now Heather this will be perfect for a baby quilt for Talea's dollies, she said "heck no I am keeping this!" I think she was proud of her accomplishment, I know I was for her.
Ok we are now on a mission, to find at least one fabric for a border and a backing, so thank goodness Kalispell has some Quilt Shops. I loved watching Heather choose her fabrics.
This quilt was made by sandwiching the fabrics together then pulled through and tied.
Heather's quilt finished. Yahoo! Way to go Heather!
I had made an apron for Talea, these pictures are priceless, as you look at the progression of the gift to her I had. Heather did a great job capturing each phase. Thank you Heather! Look closely at Talea's reactions.

Talea in her new apron with grandma! Does my HEART good.
I love this photo, Talea immediately said "mommy we make cookies?" A great photo of Heather too.
Is this just too precious, Talea licking the rest of the peanut butter out of the measuring cup?
Once Titus found out that I had made Talea an apron, well this grandma had to get to work making him one too!
Enough said I think they were happy with their aprons, don't you?
On Saturday morning we were off to Titus's basket ball game, if I knew how to up load a video I would I have a great one of him playing and making a basket, with grandma's loud shrill in the back ground, alright Titus.
One of our missions this visit was to try our skills at making peppermint patties, we followed Giada's recipe on the food network channel. So very easy and fun tooooo!
The peppermint pattie is formed similar to pie dough as you can see.
The dough is rolled into a log, preparing for the next step.
Heather forming the pattie into round balls then flattening them out to dry on the parchment.
The round patties air drying. Then they are dipped in dark chocolate.
Yummy, moderation is the word here. A special treat for me!!!! The BEST!
Lots of cuddle time and reading are done on this visit, here I am reading my quilt book to Talea, the second time around I sing it to her, then I say to her to sing it to grandma, so she sings "lalalala". I learn later from one of my clients that singing a song registers in a different part of the brain and stores that information there, who knows maybe she will be my third generation quilter?
Memories are continued to be made of my visits to Montanta in the Winter!


  1. What a wonderful trip! Looks like so much fun, I'm glad you get to spend so much time with your grandkids, especially when they really aren't that close by! Happy spring to you, my friend! Karen

  2. What darlings they all are! I know Montana in the winter! I'm from Anaconda and was born in Missoula! Love!

  3. Oh, Florence...Heather and the grandbabies are so beautiful. You were right to go alone to have precious time with your precious ones.

  4. So nice and so precious. You look like one happy Grandma. 60ish is what you said??? I would say still in your forty's. You look amazing. I am so glad you shared I like each picture and the quilts were a treat.

  5. Love all the pictures! Talea is such a cutie. I love the pic of her and Titus together :) Makes me want to go!

  6. Looks like you are having a great time. They grow up so fast! I was looking around church at the adorable kids and seems like just a few days ago they were tiny babies.
    Gee, I'm starting to sound OLD!
    Hope to see you soon!

  7. You have a beautiful daughter and grandchildren. You are so very blessed. I love all the handmade crafts you did. That apron is just too adorable. congratualtions to your daughter on her quilt!


  8. Looks like you had a wonderful time with your family!
    It was great to see you too!
    Hugs my friend

  9. Thanks for sharing these! Special times we had. You always know how to inspire me with a new project. Leaving me anxious for your next arrival. The kids are enjoying their aprons a lot :)

  10. Hi Friend...
    Oh Grandma...these pictures are absolutely DELIGHTFUL!!!! What wonderful little ones you have & they sure did LOVE their aprons!
    Glad your havin fun following my trip to TEXAS, it was a blast in the way that only Texas can be.
    Have a GREAT weekend...


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