Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sister Hood "Love"

"LOVE" Our sister hood group got together to celebrate Valentines Day on February 9th, a tradition for us for over 30 years, wow. We do have a lot of great memories.
Nancy on the left and Robin our host for this get together. Thank you Robin for hosting us at your beautiful home.
Sister Hood Group, Nancy, Judy, Robin, Lola and of course myself, whom was taking this photo.
The table was set with beautiful heart shaped plates and cups to match.
Our host Robin prepared this fresh raspberry tart, it was a delicious treat for us all. Love that pedestal plate, don't you?
Yummy! Complete with fresh whipping cream and a heart shaped dove chocolate.
Valentine plates covered in heart shape chocolates from Sees along with handmade cards made from Mary Engelbreit's daily calenders.
Beautiful, loving gifts received from my sisterhood group. All the memories I have, as I display over 30 years of sharing our talents and gifts from each other.


  1. Those heart shaped plates with matching mugs are just wonderful!! I'ts lovely to have 30 year old memories of dear friends who still get together.

  2. A very lovely party. I was thinking today about my friends who have been my friends for 30 years or more. We I think are closer than sisters or I can't even describe. But they have walked ever step in life and I think it is nice you all get together.

  3. how beautiful! 30 years of a tradition like that HAS to increase your bond....just so special - how blessed you are that you get to do that.

    Anne Marie

  4. As a child I always loved seeing all your treasures and treats you would bring home from your 'sisters'. I love seeing all their smiling faces. I feel like they are all my Aunts :)

  5. Having friends and a tradition of over 30 years, that is amazing. What a sweet site you have here. Happy weekend.

  6. What a wonderful tradition~ My Mom does that with some of her girlfriends. The plates are darling~


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