Monday, June 27, 2011

Farm Chicks 2011 Part 1

"Believe" that is what Serena from FARM CHICKS did and we are all glad that she believed. June 4th and 5th in Spokane, Washington was the setting for this incredible sale. Roger and I went on this adventure together, combining a business trip for him and fun for me. Well he did have fun to as our son-in-law Jason was playing in an adult soccer tournament in Spokane that weekend. I love going to this sale, not only to see all the wonderful vendors, but all the treasures that could be found in one spot.
One of the lines to get in, I went on Friday a pre-bought my tickets so I could get right in on Saturday morning. The weather was absolutely perfect!
"HOWDY" one big family event. These vendors are so awesome!
"FUN" says it all. Plan ahead to spend the whole day and perhaps the second day.
Farm Chicks memories to take home.
Farm Chicks memento to remember the weekend.
An abundance of linen pillows, every where I went.
Linens I want them all! How about you?
Seabold love their clean crisp look, don't you? They will be at BARN HOUSE FLEA MARKET! Woops not Seabold I have another photo from their booth. Next part stay tuned.
Garden Party, Debi whom I met at Funky Junk Sisters show a couple of years ago, such a gentle sweet talented lady.
Love this use of this farm water tub, lights and all. Great idea Funky Junk Jennifer. These ladies were so kind and fun!
Check this old car out, what a great conversational piece, a lot of photos were taken with people in this setting. Another Funky Junk Jennifer space.
Lots and lots of pillows, every style you can imagine.
Auntie Joy's space, such a a "joy" to see her. She will be at the BARN HOUSE FLEA MARKET IN JULY MARK YOUR CALENDERS. July 30th. Vintage Gathering will be another great flea market to hit on this day. Don't Forget you'll be disappointed if you do.
This space was "Blue Canoe" from California,no website.
I loved this metal sign, as I have several family members who are formal marines.
Linda, Tiffany and Robin having some fun. Love these creative girls, such inspirations they bring to us.
Love these flags our good ol' Red, White and Blue. Stay tune to part 2 Farm Chicks 2011


  1. I can't wait. These are the first pictures I have seen. Last year I saw so much from blogs but this year not any at all. I tell myself every year I am going to be there. It looks like such fun. So glad you posted.

  2. Florence,

    That looks like such fun. I hope to make it a trip next year. The boys are getting a little older and easier for dad to occupy for the day. I look forward to your next set of pictures :).




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