Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Farm Chicks 2011 Part 2

Quilts, my weakness, however I do have a great collection. This space has tables of such great selection of vintage items, nothing priced so you have to ask, which is not my most favorite thing to do. Oh well I just have to get used to it.
More linens, I purchased a great aqua polka dot vintage apron from here for only $3.00, awesome.
A Thing For Roses, Lisa's space, every time I went by she was so busy, yahoo!!! You go girl!!!
Crinolines are still well sought after.
Chicks that's what we are, enjoying the journey!
These jars drew me in, of course I bought one, the lady says they were milk man samples from the Midwest. Oh so cool, so many uses for it.
These letters are so popular these days, as well as the windmills. This space was The Vintage Barn, says it all.
I saw this blooming foxglove and could not resist taking this photo, as mine had not yet bloomed, they are now currently in all their glory in my cottage gardens. This booth has a antique shop in Couer d' Alene, Idaho. Foxglove Antiques, how appropriately named.
There were all sorts of chandeliers in every shape, using all kinds of different recycled mediums. Don't you just love them?
This was from John Bob Cool Junk, such talented treasures they have.
More crystal chandeliers, Love, love them!
Oh how we want to do more of this, lemonade, fresh daisies, just relaxing and enjoying the view!
I love this cupola, I could have so much fun with this. This is from Ormolulu's space.
Don't you just love these vintage seed packets, I could have one of each.
Some great vintage aprons.
Seabold Vintage, Love their look so clean and crisp! How about you? They will be at Barn House Flea Market July 30th.
Another view from Seabold Vintage. Stay tuned for part Three!


  1. Looks like you had tons o' fun.

  2. Wow--more GREAT photos, Florence! Thanks for including Ormolulu (add an "lu" on the end)!!! :o)

    xo Debi

  3. Oh I bet it was wonderful to be there in person. Such amazing things. I think I would have had to rent a semi to haul away such good stuff.

  4. Hello!
    I found my way to you through "A Vintage Gathering" blog out in Battle Ground I see you love quilts do you have any craddle size quilts for sale at the moment I was at the even t and found a cute quilt for my 18 month old daughters toddler bed but I have a baby due in 3 weeks and would love a quilt for the craddle. Thanks so much!

  5. Hi Florence,
    It really is so much fun being at Farm Chicks and getting to see every one. I love your pictures they bring it all back.

  6. Hi Florence . . .

    You are a sweetheart for including photos of our Booth!! Big Hug to you!!! :) See you soon at Barn House!! xoxo - liz


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