Sunday, February 19, 2012


This was my first attempt at making chocolate dipped strawberries, there is still some perfecting to be done. I have so enjoyed sharing them with family and friends. I just wanted to share some of my "Heart" holiday images, as I look around and see all these settings, I just smile. Do you create little vignettes to make your "heart" smile?
A weakness of mine. I only take a few out to have as a treat. Then they are out of here. No temptations. Or more motivation to get out there and walk!
Heart jellies in a tin pan, creating a welcoming "have one: please".
I bought this from The Dutches last fall. A perfect way to showcase these small heart shape marshmallows. Don't you think.
I have great collection of wood bowls, their uses are endless.
The simplicity of wood, wool and cotton. Wool heart from My Shabby Roses, striped red lavender pillow from Sue of Birdsong.

A closer view of my LOVE banner. Don't you just love this? I got this at Junk Salvation in Hillsboro, Oregon.
I love this heart that I got from Enchante, a chocolate shop in Milwaukie. One of my most favorite places to go and visit. Soon there will be another shop a few doors down with some great glittered gifts. Go to K.Marie's site to find more information on her grand opening.
All that glitters!
I made this heart valentine card last year with my Farm Girls.
Roses from my sweetie! There are three yellow representing our three daughters and of course the red rose represents my honey. Thank you Roger!
Cyclamen from my friend Erin.
I have a great variety of many different cookie cutters, they are used for so many different uses, not just cookies.
Spatulas, don't you just love all the choices we have these days?
One can't have too many aprons. I love to go to my collection to choose what apron I will wear this day for my household chores. How about you?


  1. I love all your sweet hearts! Oh, I have no will power and all those candies would be in my tummy!

    Wasn't Junk Salvation show fun! I had to put myself on a budget but did find a few things that "had" to come home with me.

    Sending Hugs your way and you can send strawberries my way, Yum, Yum!

  2. Your strawberries look yummy!! Good job. Love all the red and white and your vinettes.


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