Sunday, February 12, 2012

Junk Salvation

On Saturday Feb. 4th I adventured to Hillsboro, Oregon to check out Junk Salvation Vintage Market. It would not disappoint. There was plenty of great treasures to be had. I saw many of my wonderful blogging friends. I think it is hard to describe the friendship that develops through this blog world, all I can say it is pretty awesome. The photo above and the two photos below are from Sue's space. Joe and Sue bring some of the best things to these shows. I only wish I could afford everything I want. I might have to build a bigger house. Oh! Oh!

Roost Reimagined, these two ladies have some great finds. I first met them at Farm Chicks, not realizing that they are from Oregon. Go to their site to see where they will be next.

Ormolulu's space, Deb knows how to find some of the best treasures and put them together.

This sums up Deb "Heart" that woman puts her whole heart into this business.
Susan from Birdsong. She does not have a blog, however she is involved in The Vintage Gathering sales, go and check out their site for upcoming sales.

This lady Lorene Edwards Forkner has a must have garden book "Handmade Garden Projects," she has great ideas to decorate our gardens.
Antie Joy's space is never without flowers. I love how she always adds this touch to her space.
I don't think one could have too much of this, there are so many uses for these platters and trays. What would you do with them?
That Joy, she sure knows how to find the "Bling" don't you think so?
Lisa of A Thing For Roses. Love her sweet spirit. Go to her site to see where she will be next.
Michelle of My Shabby Passion. That girl has so much energy. I could only strive to have half a much as that girl does. What an inspiration!

Isabella's space, oh so lovely.
Diane of Molly Mo's. They will be having a show coming up in March, you'll want to check out their web site for more details.
Junquesoiree they had lots of paper scrapping products and finished art projects to purchase.

It was so fun to run into Heather Bullard a very talented photographer and Serena from Farmchicks. They really looked like they were having a great time.
Today's Country Farm and Frills was there with some great items. They are also at Monticello Antiques. They used have a store in Sumner, Washington, but are now going to do just shows and some antique mall spaces from what I understood.

This travel trailer was so fun to enter, as you will see below how it was all decorated in Valentine colors. Enjoy!

I think this setting says Romance all over the place. Don't you?
Faded Charm's space. Love all these galvanized pieces.

This space caught my eye. Forget Me Not Dreams, they are from Lake Oswego, Oregon.
I went home with one of these burlap banners for a valentines day decoration. You will want to check out Junk Salvation web site for their next show. They bring together some of the best Junk a girl could want. Next show in the Pacific Northwest is in June in Puyallup, Washington.


  1. ooh I love the xoxo banner! Cute stuff. The trailer is so cute!

  2. What a fun weekend! It looks like so much fun and I just love all of the pictures.
    I think I would just go crazy if I was there. :) So glad you had your camera with you.

  3. Thank you for all the lovely pictures. I went on Friday evening and came home with a few treasures also. Of course there is always the things I second guess and then wished I would have purchase. Do you ever do this? I hope you have a great week! Hugs!

  4. Was really fun seeing you!

  5. Hi Florence! I was delighted to run across you via your fun blog awhile back. Remember me from The Christmas Gallery and Antique Fair at the Larsen Farm all those years ago? I look forward to reading your recap of shows and your beautiful pictures. I love the stories of the fun times you and your Farm Girls have.
    Loved the Junk Salvation show-I was there Friday night and came home with some treasures. Enjoyed catching up with some out of town friends as well.

  6. Great post,Florence! As always, so good to see your smiling face at the show. Thanks for the shout out, I forgot you got that picture of me. Hope to see you again soon

  7. Thanks for sharing some photos of my booth at Junk Salvation. Next year you will have to stop in and say "hi".



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