Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day!

 Happy May Day to all my blogging friends.  How many of you remember the days of leaving flowers on one's doorstep, ringing the bell and running off, so it would be a surprise to the one whom would receive this blessing.  I sure do remember doing it as a child and remember teaching my girls to do it as well.  I hope this tradition is still going on. I send each of you a blessing of flowers through the blog world. May your day be filled with smiles!


  1. Not until you mentioned it. I remember making the little baskets out of construction paper and filling them with flowers and putting them on the door. Only we lived in the country so I would run out the back door around the house, put it on the front door, and knock and race back around. My Mom always acted surprised. :)
    I think we should bring that sweet custom back. :)

  2. Happy May Day back to you! Lovely flowers!!
    And I do remember,
    Annette xoxo

  3. Thank you Florence! Beautiful Tradition!

  4. Thank you Florance...beautiful tradition!

  5. I so remember that tradition and I like the Farm Girl did the same thing when I was young. I've done this in the past with girlfriends when May Day falls on a weekend. This darn thing called a job and being on time for work gets in the way during the week. Maybe next year I should get myself up early and deliver in the wee hours of the morning. I just think it is such a sweet surprise May Day flowers.


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