Thursday, April 26, 2012

Overcoming Obstacles Part II

Our next obstacle would to go over this patch of possible poison oak, Yikes! Fortunately none of us got any.
Roger and Kathy leading us up the trail, I don't think I have mentioned that this was an uphill climb all the way.
Ok up over or under, Kathy is contemplating.
Some of the logs I would go under, backpack, camera and all!
Hiking over many limbs had it's challenges.
We would make it though!
There would be moss lined rocks to skirt over and around.
Here Roger is checking out a tree, believed to have Bear claw marks. Yikes!
It was time to refuel.  Do you see these two Indian maidens?  I am the one with a cedar bough attached to back of my hair and Kathy has a fern. Just a little fun we girls have!!
Kathy heading up the trail.
The Cabela's app on Roger's phone, as you can see we did a lot of zigging and zagging.
At one point both Kathy and I went down, she did very gracefully, me not so, I won't post the picture here. We will just say I landed on a bed of soft moss!
Another log gone over. Whew!
When we realized that we could no longer find the trail to the view point, we had to come back the way we came, yes, that meant over and under all those logs. We took a side trail to Perham Creek, another mile down to find the bridge below.
I guess we won't be crossing this bridge. 
Roger went up stream to see if we could cross over and take the trail on the other side, we would soon learn that trail had the same conditions as the trail we had just come from.  We elected to go back the same way we came.
Kathy and I taking a break by the Perham Creek.
OK I think this was our last log to go over. My legs were so heavy by now!
The cool flowing water was just what we need to finish our hike.
Thank you Kathy for choosing this trail. Maybe next time lets do one that is a little more groomed for hiking.
These boots have done a lot of hiking this year, they will continue to do more. I am overcoming my obstacles one at a time, one to get healthy.  In 2010 of September I reached my weight goal and lowered my Cholesterol to a normal range. After a year and half, it raised again, so this woman is determined to keep it down.  If that means more walking and hiking and tweaking my diet I am determined I will keep it down and go through this season of my life with gusto! How about you?


  1. That is an amazing trail. It looks like a very nice time. You look like you are having such a fun time.

  2. Oh my, those are some real obstacles!! You are an amazing woman, Florence. I admire your tenacity!

  3. What a great post! Beautiful hike!


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