Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Farm Girls Gather For Fall Fun

These happy pumpkins are in all their glory down by the river side, don't you think? On October 31, the farm girls gathered at the home of Katy's, to share and eat and create and be out in the wonderful fall weather, we were blessed with clear sky's until we were headed back to the house to have some lunch, that is when it started to rain.
Erin, Katy and Robin at the gathering table, we shared our journal pages from our last gathering and our apron stories. Erin and Robin shared their concerns about the proposed BPA power lines that might effect their land, check out Erin's blog for more information on this issue, if you have any insight do leave her a comment.
Here are Katy's two friends, the geldings Reno the black one and Lewis the brown one, they wanted to know what all the excitement was all about.
With the wheel barrel full of pumpkins nesting on straw, along with supplies to helps us with our creating we were off to do some artistic work in our child like way. For me I had not carved pumpkins in about 15 to 20 years, since my girls have grown and moved away. We all became child like. I think we should all do that once in awhile, don't you?
With Erin at the helm pushing the wheel barrel full of our pumpkins we followed the leaf filled pathway to our destination for creating. I had been down here before with Katy, so I was in great anticipation for what Erin and Robin would think of our setting. I think they felt the serenity.
Along the trail there were many of these settings to be found, complete with little gnomes hiding in the bushes, birdhouses among the trees engulfed in moss and ferns, along the way back to the house we took the trail where Katy had placed her signs that she had made from our last farm girl gathering, the route back is when my battery died on the camera and I did not have the little camera with me until I got back to the house. Another post will have to be that trail that we followed, with some great ahhhhh moments.
Katy and Erin about to reach our destination, this wonderful shelter was perfect for our creating.
What a great back ground for us to be working at, we heard geese flying over, a frog jumping, and just the wind brushing through the leaves, along with the water roaring down its stream. Fall was definitely in the air.
Inspiration and tools were put together for us to do our creating. Let the fun begin.
Erin was probably one of the first to get her top cut out, I think she is having fun. She is experienced at this, as she had already had some family carving time this year.
Katy cleaning out her pumpkin, one way to get gooey. Huh?
Erin and I cleaning out our pumpkins, I just kept thinking how some wild critter was sure going to enjoy this feast and who knows maybe Katy will have a pumpkin patch growing down here next spring.
Robin cleaning out her pumpkin. Oh I have to do this part? Icky.
Here we are just finishing up our pumpkins, we were so lucky, as it did not rain until we almost got back to the house.
Here is Katy serving up our yummy warm soup, we also had a fresh green salad, sour dough bread, some lemon bread and what Katy called eye balls, which were made taking a spinach leaf, layering a sliced tomato on the leaf, then a mozzarella ball on top, then a pimento stuffed olive on top to complete the eye ball, then drizzled with olive oil and salt and pepper. Our desert was a pumpkin roll and pumpkin ice cream to finish off the theme of the meal.
Our lunch was so yummy, it was a butternut squash and apple soup from the Barefoot Contessa's Parties cookbook, it was kept warming in the crock pot while we were down at the river playing. It was perfect way to warm up after carving our pumpkins.
Robin made us all signs, which was perfect, I love the saying and the heart wood cut out, she also made us some yummy cookies and Mary Jane's Carmel corn, yummy. Thanks Robin.
Erin blessed us with a mask to wear, I really liked mine and it went with what I had on, how perfect was that?
Although this photo is a little dark, my big camera battery died on me, so I had to bring out the small one and it does not do well in darker settings, anyway you might be able to tell we were having some great merriment in checking out our treats from each other. Thank you everyone. I don't have a photo editing program or I would try to lighten the photo up. Enjoy anyway.
Katy blessed us with our own "farm girl" brick, mine found its home right away. Thank you Katy for hostessing our gathering and providing us with great nourishment and fun. Katy also sent us home with dinner already made, an "meat pasty" is what she called it, it is like a meat pot pie in a beautiful pie plate, we are very blessed to have her in our group. Don't you think?


  1. What fun Florence! Good times with good friends...just nothing better!!!

    :) T

  2. You're making me hungry! Those "eyeballs" sound pretty tempting (good with basil too!). Hope to meet you one of these days. I was at Expo, one aisle over from Corrine & Karen (Hall E).

    Thanks for checking in at Ormolulu!


  3. Girls just love to have fun! What a treat to spend such a day with friends.

  4. You are blessed to have such great friends to make so many great memories with. Your gatherings look so fun! I would love to do the same thing some day with some of my friends. I love the setting down by the river! and so close to her house? Thats awesome.

  5. Very cool! Florence that mask is out of this world! Give Erin a big high-five for me.....I love it! Hope it wasn't too chilly on the river bank.

  6. Looks like you had a lot of fun that day! We had a cider-pressing party and we DID get rain. Randy had it pretty well covered, and a lot of the party moved inside, too, but we had a lot of fun and drank a lot of cider!

  7. It is so good to have such precious people and the serenity by that river coupled with Katy's loving care Robin's smile and you helping us record all these great experiences. Keeps life in focus. Yes you did see Robin, Channel 12 & we were there it was a good day. Love, Erin

  8. looks like fun once again. I love the mask! cool.. Im so proud of you that you actually carved a pumpkin. It seems to me that these girls bring out the 'kid' in you.

  9. This looks like such a wonderful day! And the food....It made me hungry reading about it!

  10. Wow, looks like a great day. I love great days with good friends. All that food....yum!!!! I love pretty much anything that is pumpkin. My daughter made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins this year and they were delicious.

  11. Florence, Enjoy your visit with your daughter and grandkids! Sounds like you're going to have a great weekend ahead!


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