Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Blessings

The table was set ready for all to come and enjoy good company and great conversations. The weather was safe for the travelers to come through the gorge to join us so that made us all happy. There have been years when the snow and ice have affected the travel, some of you all know who live here in the Pacific Northwest winter can sometimes change our travel plans.
The turkey was cooked to perfection by Roger, he cooked it in the Trager grill which does an awesome job, it was very moist and delicious. With all the other dishes we were certainly full after that meal. Thanks goes to all who helped to prepare this meal for all to enjoy.
Kathy holding a plate of Bruchetta one of our appetizers, Kathy was a great help to me this day, as well as Kim , at the end of the dinner they took care of the dishes, which is hard thing for me to let go of any of the responsibilities of the whole day. Thank you Kim and Kathy.
You can see we are pretty packed in here at the table, we decided to add all the kids to the big table which turned out just fine. When we have big dinners like this we do like to all be at the table together rather than do a buffet style, where you still visit but it is not quite the same.
A closer view of the opposite side of the table.
Kathy and Mike are Roger's sister and brother, they both live in Hood River, Oregon, we were blessed to have them come and bring their family with them.
Kim and Jessica are going through all the sales adds trying to figure what they want to put on their Christmas list.
You can see by the adds strewn all over the coffee table had been gone through well, except Chants and Ashton found it more important to play with the match book cars, that is way more cool to them.
Here Jennifer, Jeremy and Kevin checking out those adds to see where they are headed out to do their shopping early.
My oldest grandchildren, Jessica and Chants diggin on their desert, probably to them that was the best part of the dinner.
Jordan, Jennifer's son he is always styling, Jennifer does such a great job making sure the boys are dressed to the "T" I know there will come a time when she won't have much say, but for now she does and we all get to enjoy them in their handsome clothes.
My sister-in-law Kathy and I, we have been very close through all these years of knowing each other and I feel very blessed to have her as my sister, not mention her brother is my husband Roger. I hope your Thanksgiving was very memorable. Blessing to you all. Florence


  1. Hi Florence! Looks like you all had a wonderful time gathered around the big table together...what a great group!!! Your turkey on the grill sounds delicious, we've never had one on the grill...

    :) T

  2. Your Thanksgiving looks like it was right out of a Norman Rockwell! Such happy faces in a cozy environment....glad they all got to come.

  3. Hello Florence~ I was at Prairie in the big gym. second row in from Papa Jacks. We were seriously thinking of not doing the show....
    I ran out of prep time, but gathered what I could. My hubby was more on the ball, he had all his garden stones finished.
    Last years show was very slow, but this year was fantastic! We sold out almost all our inventory by 1:00.
    I would have loved to meet you. Lets definitely make it happen next year.
    Did you go to Ladybug? I didn't make it to any of the shows. I like the First Church Of Gods Bazaar, it sure has grown in vendors.

    Prairie changed the check in this year (which was disastrous)!! Remember how we usually just flashed our registration card as we headed to our spot. We'll this time we had to line up and check in at the front doors. Most of the vendors had to drag their wares along side. I felt so bad for them and those who forgot their R-cards. I hope they get enough complaints to change it back. We also couldn't find any students to help unload or load.

    It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had a nice evening at the tryptophan playoffs,lol.

    Sweet Holiday Wishes,

  4. What a great bunch of people you gathered around you!
    I love doting on my own ones, but this year we were only 4 grownups & my 2 little grandkids!
    Great day as they spent the night too.
    No shopping for me all weekend;-I rather do that when everything quiets down :o)
    So now we can get ready for Monticello on the 4th?????
    Hugs from Sylvi

  5. Thanks for hosting Mom! and the wonderful dinner! We had a great time.

  6. What a lovely gathering. This is the way Thanksgiving should be spent, surrounded by your loved ones!


  7. What a neat time you had! Your place and your table look great, too! We were at my mom's (only about 10 acres away lol). Your pics of everyone going through the ads looked just like us at my mom's house. I wondered at the time how many of our families sit down and go through the ads. I don't always go shopping, but I did this year, since I bough a printer that was $75 cheaper than it was 5 days before when I bought it, so they adjusted the price. Then hit the other stores and got some really good deals, but NO WAY was I going to do the Walmart thing lol. I actually have some Christmas shopping done already! Karen

  8. What a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Holidays! Martha

  9. what a great group!!! Your turkey on the grill .

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  10. Hi Florence, looks like you had a houseful at Thanksgiving!!!
    Hope to see you at the show tomorrow.

  11. Thanks mom for sharing these pictures!! It was good to see them. Who knows maybe next year...a MT Thanksgiving?????


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