Monday, March 15, 2010

Beautiful Drive to see The Four Friends Sale

Saturday the 13th of March took me on an adventure south to Salem, then over to Silverton. GPS in hand or I should say on board I ventured down the road to check out the Four Friends Sale. First stop was in Salem at The Deepwood Estate, where Sammy Girl was saleing her goods. The weather was perfect for the drive and the friends to see were wonderful.
This nest caught my eye, especially with the feather lying in it. Feathers always seem to present themselves to me. Naturally I have an affinity to them.
There was a great selection of vintage clothing to choose from, as you can see.
Here is Bette aka Sammy girl and her friend, of whom I did not ask her name. I ended up buying a basket that was her grandmothers, who used it when she went on picnics. I felt very blessed to have gotten it. Thank you.
Second on my route was Vintage Trifles, not far from Sammy Girl's sale. I loved this setting, the pillows were very inviting, the next photo gives you the rest of the story.

Some more of Martha's great talent.
This apron was adorable.
Lots of eggs were available, I wish I had gotten there earlier. I still was grateful to get there any way.
This is at Molly Mo's the third stop on my route. These pansies greeted us at the door. I found some treasures here as well.
I loved this crystal light fixture, I just hope you can see it well in the picture. It was beautiful.
There were some great linens here, I came home with the lace you see above, along with some pink curtains.
I think this rooster had something to crow about, I think he was happy with all the people who came by.
I actually prefer the real thing, when it comes to chickens. Who knows maybe I will have some again. In the mean time Diane's chickens seemed quite content.
Last stop of the day was at Auntie Joy's sale. It was a perfect end to my day.
This whole space was so inviting, I know Joy had done a lot of moving things around to make this space so ready for us to look for those special treasures.
The shelves were all lined up and well organized for one to look for that special treasure.
Spring was definitely in the air with these ice cream pails used as vases for the tree blossoms.
The aprons were hung with the galvanized pails and chicken feeders all lined up below.
Great contrast of colors here with the dark boots on the top shelf and the turquoise jars and pots below.
This crown and the two below are just waiting for the next Queen to be. I wonder who that might be? Do you know? They had some beautiful adornments on them of flowers and bling.

With much needed rest, Joy takes advantage of the twin iron bed that was available for sale. I just want to thank you all for putting on a great gathering of friends, who are willing to share with us all.


  1. Florence, Thank you for coming all the way to South Salem. I am so sorry I didn't get to visit with you. Someone pulled me into the kitchen to eat lunch or else and I missed getting to say goodbye. I am glad you had such a nice day and found some treasures. Hope to see you again soon, M.

  2. Once again Florence, wonderful pictures! And, as always, so nice to see you at the show! I again apologize for the state of my teenagers rooms when you got a house tour! I wasn't expecting anyone to see them...I just shut the door (out of sight, out of mind). Thank you for a beautiful post of our shows!
    See you at the Funky Junk Sisters show if not sooner!

  3. I am so sorry I missed these sales. Hope fully next time I can go down...your pictures are great!

  4. Hi Florence,
    It was so fun visiting with you. Your pictures are beautiful! The friend with Betty is Laurie from
    Hope you are enjoying our beautiful weather!

  5. Florence~what a fun trip. I enjoyed the photo tour. It's like being on the road with you. I'm looking forward to the day when I meet my bloggy friends.

    I want to thank you for your meant a lot to me.
    Your words brought me such comfort at an extremely difficult time. Your support touched my heart deeply. I so greatly appreciated your concern.
    Sweet wishes,


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