Sunday, March 7, 2010

Montana and Back 2010

Look at this little one, who could resist. She was styling complete with a turquoise and pink crinoline, blue jeans, and black boots. Our next farm chick, I am thinking. How about you? Every February I make the journey to Kalispell, Montana to visit Heather and her family. I usually go by myself, so I don't have to share her with anyone. When she comes home there are her sisters and friends and the rest of the family who want her to themselves, so this makes for a great opportunity to have her to myself. Great planning don't you think?
Talea was having so much fun in this little crinoline. You could tell she felt very special in it.
This is the scene from Heather's house, the snow has come many times this winter, as you can see the roads are bare, which makes for easier driving. I love how the mountain ridges in the back ground are filled with snow, surrounding the Flathead Valley.
This cow girl hat came with me from Aunt Jenny for Talea, Jennifer could not resist. It was so cute, she was not quite sure about it though as you will see below.
Does the hat go on this way? Hum.
Yes this Grandma did play soldiers and animals with Titus, trust me I raised girls so I only know how to play dollies and tea parties with dress up clothes. There were a few times that Titus would look at me in a funny way like" what are you doing Grandma?" At least I tried. Right? I promised Titus that I would bring PaPa Roger next time when I come. He smiled.
Titus is growing up so fast he will be 5 in May. Wow!
The tea party was set, along with these cloth paper dolls that we worked on as we watched the movie Julie and Julia. We both like to cook so that was a perfect movie for us to watch, I had told Heather that I remembered my mom watching Julia, I would never forget her voice and mannerism. Meryl Streep did a fantastic job in that movie.
We were cuddled on the couch working on our wool pouches and cloth paper dolls shown above.
One of our wool felted pouches we made while were together. Most of our creating was done while the children were napping or sleeping at bedtime.
This is a portion of Flathead Lake that was frozen over. Heather and I made a 2 hour trip to Missoula to visit her friend. While they were visiting I went to check out the Quilt shops.
Look at the expression on her face, mom what are you doing to my toes? Her first toe nail polish.
Talea is so photogenic I think, or am I a proud Grandma?
How precious is this picture? I think Grandma wore her out. Well maybe it was the other way around.


  1. glad you got this posted!! I wouldn't doubt that Titus and Talea wore you out....they are two bundles of energy!! I had tons of fun....of course like we always do. Thanks again for coming. It means a lot. Miss you tons. Can't wait for your next trip.

  2. Talea and Titus are just as cute as can be! I can tell you had a marvelous time. How great that you can go alone to have then all to yourself!

  3. Such sweet pictures of your trip. I can tell you had a wonderful are blessed my friend.
    Lisa :-)

  4. Looks like a wonderful visit. Special little farmgirl, taking after grandma!;) Hugs

  5. ya know its a great day with the grands when everyone needs a nap!!! lol.

    such sweet photos.

  6. Florence, your grandkids are adorable. The little girl looks like her grandma! It's so nice that you had such a fun time, hope you get to see them again soon.

  7. Cool Post my friend! Can't wait to make spoons with our Camas Antique treasures. Adorable pictures. the one of Heather and Talea is so peaceful. Boy those days go by quick.

  8. What a doll! Looks like a very very nice trip :)

  9. Oh, my goodness, Talea looks so a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e with that crinoline!!!! Looks like you had a wonderful trip, Florence!!

  10. Just wanted to tell you I finally have gotten to the posts I missed while so busy with shows. Your sweet grand babies are so adorable. You are so smart to take the time to have made these special memories with them. You are an encouragement to so many.
    Love you,


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