Sunday, March 28, 2010

Metal Stamping Fun for The Farm Girls

Spring was definitely in the air inside and out for the farm girls gathering at my home on Saturday March 20th. We were in for some metal stamping fun. First however we shared our journal pages from our last gathering and our apron stories. Home made cookies were made by Katy to be shared, Erin brought us some gardening goodies along with some chocolates.
I just wanted to share this setting with you, these birds and bunnies liked hanging out with these pretty jars. Don't you think?
Don't you just love that pink metal phone? I got it for Talea to play with when she comes to visit. Those fat free meringue dollops were the perfect accent to this pink pedestal plate adorned with a cute bunny.
This little setting was perfect for this Chickie to feel the love radiating from this rose quartz candle.
Robin sharing this beautiful quilt that she has just finished, it is beautiful, she said it is for her husband Mark, a lucky guy for sure.
Katy sharing the quilt she has made, it was so beautiful, I am so proud of her.
Our lunch included Chicken Caesar salad, cherry scones, pecan grape wild rice, with pomegranate blackberry spritzer for our drink. A very festive spring table was prepared for these special farm girl friends.
The weather was perfect for working outside on our farm girl project, with snacks to share and plenty of supplies to work with.
Inside these paper brown boxes are metal stamps, my gift for my farm girl friends.
A pile of flattened spoons ready to be stamped. We all had so much fun, at one point I wondered what my neighbors were thinking about the noise coming from our property, now mind you I do live in the country on acreage, so it really shouldn't matter.
Erin aligning up her metal stamps for stamping on the silverware.
Robin showing her results off, great job Robin.
Some more of our end results of our labor of pounding, I love it , I love it.
A rare opportunity to get a photo of all four of us together, Katy, Florence, Erin and Robin. Thanks Roger.
This was our desert huckleberry pie in a cast iron skillet, talk about delicious, yummy, thanks Erin.
A time to cool down was accomplished with me giving each of the farm girls a ride in our dune buggy. This toy has not only been a hit with the grand kids, but the adults too. Can you tell?
Erin, Robin and Katy holding the mason bee houses that Robin's husband Mark made for all of us. Thank you Mark, I am hoping for some real good pollination from these bees.
Erin and I enjoying the sun on this beautiful sunshine day. A great way to end our gathering. Thanks to all my farm girl friends.


  1. Sounds like a great time was had by all! I just recently joined our local Farmgirls chapter, and have had a great time! This past Saturday we had a field trip to a local 'feed and seed' to learn about raising chickens, and to visit the mill where they grind their own fresh cornmeal and grits. Loads of fun! You can visit our blog @ if you are interested.

    Blessings, Becky!

  2. Hi Florence! We meet the 2nd Sat. of each month and then try to have a field trip or 'project day' the 4th Saturday. I'm a newbie, but so far I've had a blast! Have a great Easter, Becky

  3. Love the stamped old spoons! How do I find out how to do this? Your little group is always doing the funnest stuff. If you ever need a "guest" member, call me!

  4. I luv the markers....can't wait to place them in the garden...;)

  5. What a delightful party you had!!!!
    You girls look so sweet together :o)))

  6. What a great day...that stamping looks like fun!

  7. What fun you girls have!!! Those I must get the recipe. It was very nice to see you too. We must do tea some day :)

  8. What a fun-filled day! I love the stamped spoons. Happy Easter! Hope the coconut nests are a hit! M.

  9. What a fabulous post . . . BEST toy telephone (pink) ever! Those stamped spoons would make great garden seedling signs!

  10. So cool, and looks like so much FUN!! I love it all, and adore the pink phone! What a great find!



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