Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sunflower Celebrations for The Farm Girls

Farm Girls Katy, Erin, myself and Robin gathered on August 28th 2010 to have a Sunflower Birthday celebration. Erin was our host and our project was sunflower pincushions, that I brought to show the girls how to make. I bought a kit last year at Buggy Barn Quilt shop in Rearden, Washington, then we took it from there, creating our own take on this great happy pincushion to enjoy all year long. These pincushions were made from wool scraps and then were perched on an old bed spring.
Loved this yellow that Erin had to make her petals with, it was a very Happy Sunflower Yellow Pincushion, I am thinking.
I have a new love, this Feather weight sewing machine, wow, I have had her for awhile and decided it was time to get her out and use her, what have I been waiting for? She is so sturdy and sews like a charm.
As you can see this was a beautiful sunny day as you look out this window and see our example of a sunflower. Erin sent us each home with a bouquet of sunflowers to adorn our homes. Thank you Erin.
Robin working on her sunflower, like us all this little machine proved to be a jewel to work with.
If you have a Feather Weight sewing machine, drag it out and use it, it so worth the effort.
Our lunch was so very inviting, Erin used yellows and blues to adorn the table. Aprons tied around our chairs was a great touch to our table setting.
Our menu included a variety of quiches to choose from provide by Erin and I brought this tossed salad with day lily petals and rose petals to entice our taste buds.
This bread was a sweet potato, blueberry bread that Katy brought, it was very moist and yummy!
This fruit tart was absolutely beautiful and delicious all in one. What a better way to end the summer, than to have fresh fruit.
Blackberry crisp was provided by Robin, she said the recipe came from on line through the Smith Berry Farm website. It was very delicious.
Our custom is start our gathering sharing our journal pages and apron stories and whatever else we might want to share. Here Katy is sharing her recipe of Watermelon Limeade that came out of Organic Gardening Magazine. It proved to be very refreshing.
Farm Girl Robin gifted us with wooden carriers that her husband Mark built, Robin then made a cloth holder to wrap around our neck to hold the hillock while we picked our berries, pretty clever I might say.
Katy sharing her apron story, we always share something about the apron we are wearing, as we know just like every quilt has a story, so does an apron. Katy's apron belonged to her grandma, her mom told her that her grandma used to wear this apron for canning.
Robin and I showing off my latest quilt that I almost finished, as I write this I have since put the binding on it during my current visit to Montana. That post will soon come.
I shared with everyone some Lavender syrup, wrapped in these linen dish towels with a zinc label.
We made these sweet little sunflower pins, using twigs from nature.
This sunflower turned out pretty nice, don't you think?
A finished sunflower, a wonderful looking vintage sunflower oil can , some watermelon limeade, and our own Farm Girl raspberry jam. Don't forget Uncovered Ruby is having their anniversary sale this Saturday, you won't want to miss it.


  1. You girls are SO clever!
    What are you doing with all your quilts;- you must have showed us at least 3 since you started blogging!
    Keep up the good work, Florence & enjoy
    our West-Coast fall :o))

  2. Oh, you guys have so much fun!!! Love the idea of the aprons around the chairs..very cute. The food looks wonderful and all the great things you all make...such fun and creativity!!

  3. What a wonderful sunflower celebration!. I luv, luv, luv'd your feather weight. Thank you so much for sharing dear friend!

  4. I love to see what you've been up to! I'm going to miss you AGAIN if you're staying up in those mountains! I was hoping I'd see you at Vintage Gathering sale! You're looking WONDERFUL, btw! Inspires me! Your not-too-distant-friend, Karen

  5. Thank you for vising today, I have a singer feather weight too. I have other machines but I always go back to ole dependable. I started sewing on her when I was 12.
    Your day looks like a wonderful day and I love the sunflowers! Sunflowers being a huge weakness of mine, I mean really can you ever have too many sunflowers?
    You have a lovely site.

  6. OH my gosh thank you too for putting me in your side bar, Here I was happily going through your beautiful blogs and there is my picture for today. Sort of a shock:) I was looking at all of the blogs and drooling over the photography and you put me there. Thank you so much, I am truly honored. Also you made my day. :)

  7. What fun Florence, I love all the things you girls share with each other and create, very inspiring to me! I'll miss seeing you this Saturday..have a lovely weekend. Lisa ;-)


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