Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vintage Gathering and Barn House Fall Finalie

Vintage Gathering and Barn House are the highlights for this weekend, Saturday the 25th. The line up for both of these sales will be at the top for both of these sales. Vintage Gathering starts at 8:00am and then you can go onto Barn House. Check out their sites on my sidebar for directions and more information. These photos were taken at Vintage Gathering at their last sale in July, just to entice you to go and check them out.
How about a little red for the cowgirl in all of us?
I missed this treasure last time, darn.

You might even see one of these girls strutting around.

A romantic setting here, with the chandelier and a make shift bench.
Some great sewing notions have been known to be a great find.
Some roses make this table setting so special.
Kathy from Vintage Gathering and the hostess for this sale, makes these signs, she can do custom signs for you.
How can these Raggedy Ann's not be happy. I have a great collection of these Raggedy Ann and Andy's, some dating way back. I have a church pew full of them, they are there for my grandchildren to drag around and love.
Enjoy the weekend, with the Vintage Gathering and The Barn House Fall Sales upon us this coming weekend, on Saturday, you can't go wrong checking out all the treasures to be found. I will miss this sale, as I am going up to Mt Hood to stay in a cabin in the woods, I am sure there will be lots of stories to be told when I come back from this adventure. In the meantime have a great weekend, do something you LOVE!


  1. I will miss seeing you my friend, but have a wonderful time in the cabin..I can't say I'm not jealous..I'm ready for a vacation! God Bless...Lisa ;-)

  2. How nice to get to go to Mt Hood and stay in a cabin in the woods, no place more beautiful that I don't think. When I was a kid we had family around those parts and we went every summer. I haven't been back in years.

    Have a great time.

  3. I hope you make it to Vintage Gathering! Haven't seen you in a YEAR!! Karen

  4. Florence-
    Have a great week-end! The weather will great for you too! We really appreciate the great pictures, and promoting you do for us!
    Hugs to you!

  5. Was so nice seeing you Friday, wish you could have joined us Saturday.


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