Friday, January 27, 2012

Farm Girls Come Together To Celebrate

"Where Women Cook" that was my gift to my Farm Girl Friends along with the hand made french rolling pin. When we gather we always share a meal. We like to share recipes as well, so my thinking was; what a great way for all of us to have the same cookbook. Have you seen this book? It is awesome. You might want to check it out.
Our meal was a vegetable quiche, with a vegetable salad to compliment it. I have so much fun bringing out all the different special dishes I have to entertain with. How about you?
The little snow globes were part of my gift to my Farm Girl friends. A perfect table favor.
Cherry almond scones were made by Farm Girl Erin. These were very yummy.
Apple Streusel muffins provided from Farm Girl Robin. Yummy! They were very moist.
We finished off our meal with these little tarts that Farm Girl Erin brought, along with some hot tea.
After our meal we shared our journal pages from our last gathering. I always love to see how each of us put our pages together. Oh how fun it has been to look back on our last three years of gathering through our journal pages. We also had chosen to exchange Christmas gifts, the joy we receive from each other is a memory in the making.
Farm Girl Erin gave us an assortment of treasures as you can see here.
Farm Girl Katy had just returned from a cruise to the Caribbean, so she wanted to share a little something from her journey, along with a biodegradable bucket. That will be fun to see how it degrades over time.
Farm Girl Robin made us these old quilt stars and tea dyed pipe cleaner candy canes, along with some yummy apple streusel muffins found on the Folk blog.
I saw an idea in a magazine to make heart shape bird seed feeders, so I decided that would be a great thing for us Farm Girls to do this time of the year.
A mixture of birdseed with dissolved gelatin; molds this mixture together.
We filled our cookie cutter molds. First filling them half full. then adding our jute string loop, then adding more birdseed mixture to fill the mold completely.
Part of our gathering we share our stories. We talk about what kinds of things do we want to do this next year. Do you have special activities planned?
Erin and Robin.
Robin and Katy filling their molds.
You can see here that you can not only use cookie cutters, jello molds work really well.
The finished product. They unmolded beautifully. What are you doing to feed the birds?


  1. What a fun day! I have checked the book out from the library, and plan on purchasing it some day soon.

  2. You Farm Girls really have a good time!! I have bird seed on the ground for the ground birds and suet and a seed covered bell hanging for them. All are outside our sliding door and it does drive the cat crazy when they come to graze.

  3. The vegetable quiche looks great and healthy. Love finding healthy nice food, difficult to do.

  4. You do such fun things, that looks like a fun day and lunch looks so yummy, I love your teapot.

  5. A little late getting around to my favorite blogs for I was playing over the weekend. I love your heart shape birdseed hangers. I make or purchase suet for a hanger I was given. Love watching those crazy birds! Your Farm Girls sure do have fun. And look at all your wonderful goodies you exchanged. Oh so much fun!!!


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